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Discover Your HeartSpace.

Welcome to Plenty's retreat center in beautiful Park City, Utah.



HeartSpace is a Plenty's beautiful, inspiring retreat center. We built it so that companies, teams, and people like you would have a place to awaken their biggest dreams and ground their deepest callings. 

From social purpose strategy to conscious leadership retreats to turnaround innovation to entrepreneurial design, HeartSpace is designed to spark your creativity, deepen your connections, and unlock your inspiration.

Welcome to HeartSpace. 



It’s hard to be creative when you’re down the hall from your computer. It's difficult to be productive when you're stuck in back-to-back meetings. It’s impossible to dream big when you’re surrounded by interruptions, distractions, and your never-ending to-do list. 

HeartSpace is a beautiful sanctuary where your teams, agencies, and leaders can unite, step back, and collaborate on something better.

It's a meaningful space ready to help you make a measurable difference. 



There is plenty to see and experience in Park City – called "America's Favorite Town" by both Forbes and Outside magazines. 

Let the majestic mountains be the backdrop of an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the beauty of nature, explore endless terrain, sample delicious food, and engage your head and heart during our all-inclusive, immersive experiences.

Our world-class facilitation and subject matter expertise will guide you to the unique insights that you and your colleagues are just waiting to discover.

Why HeartSpace?

Your biggest dreams deserve the most beautiful canvas. Whether you are creating your culture, designing your strategy, correcting your course, or building something brand new, your important work deserves special care.

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Just thirty minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport and thirty yards from the new Hyatt Place Hotel, your arrival will be easy and effortless. Want something more luxurious? The Wyndham and the Waldorf are both right around the corner, too.

Park City and Deer Valley Mountain Resorts provide the terrain for skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and exploring – all within a few miles from HeartSpace.

It's a short flight from any major city, but a million miles from what you're used to.



HeartSpace is not your normal conference room. We call it an "unmeeting" space. It's so effective in sparking alignment and insight that we consider HeartSpace to be one of our teammates, and once you've visited you'll understand why.

From the cozy couches to the team who knows you by name, you'll feel intention and love from the moment you arrive. Our role is to make you feel safe and supported as you dive deep into juicy explorations of your brand, your goals, your cause, your team, and yourself.



With room for teams of up to twenty, open walls ready for innovation, Plenty’s renowned facilitation, and unmatched all-inclusive hospitality, HeartSpace will provide the nourishing pace you need to create the future you imagine.

We'll work with you before, during, and after your stay to plan a curriculum that is productive, inspiring, and altogether unique. You'll enjoy your stay – but more importantly you'll feel the positive experience of your time here for years to come. 

It felt really safe to share and be willing to be completely vulnerable with others. I don't know that that could happen in another setting. Whether it's the inside activities or the outside activities, it's almost like this: the providences rise up to meet you exactly where you are are in terms of why you're there. From the facilitation, to the paths and the processes, to being in HeartSpace, itself. I don't know how you replicate that. It's magic."
Cindy Jones Nyland

Cindy Jones Nyland,
Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder,
Brite Dandelion

The Space

Forget the drab boardrooms and hotel meeting rooms you're used to.
HeartSpace is an unmeeting space.

Everything is designed for your comfort and care – because we know, the more comfortable the surroundings are, the more inspired your attendees will become. 

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Meaningful Facilitation
Beautifully Designed
Thoughtful & Prepared
Fun & Social
Delicious Meals
180620-HeartSpace-41 2
Cozy & Safe
Clean & Elegant
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Fully Equipped
Goodies Galore
"Jeff and Jennifer's approach to leadership, strategy, and facilitation is a breath of fresh air, literally. They lead by example, through their own vulnerability, authenticity, and inspiration.  Their organic approach fosters an amazing environment of self-discovery and collaboration. The venue, Heartspace, in beautiful Park City is the perfect stage for such a journey."
Mike Orrico

Michael J. Orrico,
DDS, Entrepreneur,
Dad, Artist, Writer, Dreamer

The Place

Majestic mountains, mesmerizing views, healing forests, and trails galore make up the outdoor playground of Park City, Utah. 

Just 35 minutes door-to-door from the Salt Lake City International Airport. 

Powerful Insights
Outdoor Exploration
Provocative Reflection
Park City chair lift_small
Powerful Processing
New Connections
New Horizons
Park CityMountain-819842532-1
Expansive Vistas
Connection to Nature
20190924_LanternII_Propst_051 - Resized
And a lot of fun!
"HeartSpace is set up to be a comfortable, nurturing, and safe place where you can take a deep breath and open up to the possibility, purpose, and experience.  The way Jennifer and Jeff co-lead and guide you, using their unique tools and activities, was so effortless and fun!"

Kristie Buehner,  Business Development Manager of Muscle MX and Owner, Silver King Coffee

What People Say

Make HeartSpace your space.

We're ready to host your team and hoist your heart.