Refresh, Reconnect, Renew at Lantern II

Join us for Lantern II, our annual retreat and reunion for Lantern graduates.

September 17-20, 2024 • HeartSpace, Park City

We're Ready To Welcome You Back!

Lantern II is Plenty's annual retreat for Lantern graduates.

Why Lantern II?

Lantern II is a truly special class. Filled with past graduates who want to go deep, we have curated a unique curriculum to provide you with the connection, inspiration, and respite you crave and need. 

During Lantern II, you will be richly wrapped in the bounty of HeartSpace and the lovely surroundings of Park City as we help you to deepen your awareness, align with what brings you joy and fulfillment, and set your intentions with clarity. 

  • Refill your cup
  • Reconnect with what's possible for you
  • Remember and recommit to what it means to be a conscious leader
  • Rejuvenate yourself with incredible people

The Experience

Same great guides, deeper conversation! You've told us what you wanted, and we've listened. The Lantern II curriculum will focus on helping you:

  • Expand your awareness, alignment, and intentional leadership
  • Deepen your listening to self and others
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Care for yourself
  • Learn new spiritual tools you can apply at home and at work
  • Resolve conflict with ease and grace. 

All with incredible people like you who have taken the Lantern journey and want to continue it! 

The Agenda

We've carefully curated the Lantern II curriculum so your four days here will be meaningful, applicable, and transformative.

Day 1 will kick-off at 5:00pm, allowing enough time for travel to Park City. Each day will begin at 9:00am with facilitated activities, outdoor breaks, delicious lunches, and open space.

Your evenings will be spent connecting with your classmates over incredible dinners, coaching, and conversation. Day 4 will be here before you know it. We'll conclude at 1:00pm, allowing enough time to return home for a relaxing weekend, or extend your stay and enjoy the activities that Park City offers.

What Our Lantern II Graduates Say

Testimonials from leaders like you.

"Lantern and Lantern II have gifted me space to dive deep but with the support of a soft landing. In Lantern I opened the door to possibilities and this past Lantern II I found my way back to my heart. I will forever be grateful for the place you've created for people to just be themselves in all their beautiful and messy glory. Thank you."
September 2023 Lantern II Graduate
"I keep coming back to Lantern because it feels like when you're traveling and feeling tired but you get a delicious espresso and all of a sudden feel reinvigorated. Lantern is like an espresso shot for your soul!"
Sam Mazzeo
Sam Mazzeo
"Lantern II is not easy, but having the space, support, and expertise to guide me through my challenges and coming out the other side more balanced, more present, and able to recognize and eliminate my self-imposed barriers was truly a blessing. The individuals that I attended with were unique, yet the same, and the bonds we made will last a lifetime."
Tim Doherty
Tim Doherty
Associate Director, Whole Health Field Implementation Services
“If you want to experience enlightened growth, heightened consciousness, and leadership skills in a completely open environment, this is it. Lantern II was a deeply transformative and meaningful experience.”
Adam Wester
"Lantern II provided me the opportunity to really understand what it is that illuminates the light within me. And although that light will flicker, I know that is always on. Thank you to Plenty and my Lantern II companions for showing me that happiness does not serve anyone when it is sitting on a shelf. XO"
Megan Brent
Megan Brent
"Lantern II is a tremendous gift for those seeking to discover the source of their confidence, their strength and their light!"
September 2023 Lantern II Graduate
"The Lantern program's feel remind me of a mirage ... like walking in the desert and being thirsty and you think you see water ... but with Lantern it is REAL. It is a self nourishing program that gives you just what you want when you need it most - even if you don’t know what you are thirsty for when you arrive. Lantern II is just the nourishment you need, exactly when you need it."
MJ Green
"Lantern II helped me to “lean in to” the fact that my authentic self is enough to address my leadership challenges. I’ve spent my entire life looking for the assurance that I am “ok” when all along, I am the only one who can truly answer that question. And, ironically, it isn’t even a question.... I am ok! I am here! I am present! Thank you."
Todd Van Buskirk
Todd Van Buskirk
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Here's What's Included:

The entire four-day mindful leadership curriculum • Our proprietary Lantern Leadership Assessment • 360-degree feedback from up to fifteen of your observers • Three breakfast spreads • Three yummy lunches • One candlelight dinner • One evening of appetizers • Yoga • Guided hiking • Guided meditations •  Sound Healing • A day long offsite outing  • Incredible classmates

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Please note: Lantern II is for Lantern graduates only. 
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