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Ongoing strategic guidance and coaching to help your organization adapt and grow.


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Our team brings almost a hundred years of experience to help you thoughtfully grow. We're equipped and well versed to handle the complexity and curiosities of both for profit and non-profit sectors. 
In the words of one of our clients, "Working with Plenty is nothing short of adding to your team a startling level of depth, experience, insight, and brainpower.”

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As your trusted advisor we’ll help coach you in your evolving strategy, how to turn the levers for growth, and how to adapt and innovate in real-time. 
We’ll meet with you, your team, and agency partners regularly to troubleshoot problems, have productive conversations, and implement creative solutions that work. 
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We'll help you measure what matters and unlock personal and organizational growth in the process. We're up for all of it - ready to roll up our sleeves and help you make the difference you want to make.
Our Polaris clients regularly achieve 20-30% growth annually. Let us help you do the same.
We engaged Plenty two months before our event to provide additional support in achieving this year’s ambitious goals. They jumped straight into the project without delay, providing regular insight and guidance to team. Our event saw the biggest increases in its history in participation and dollars raised and this was in no small part due to the excellent services provided by the Plenty team."
Maria Muller-1
Maria Muller, EVP, President of the Moffitt Foundation, Moffitt Cancer Center


  • Unproductive culture
  • Lack of internal expertise
  • Inconsistent project execution
  • Lackluster results
  • Misalignment
  • Fragmented decision-making
  • Multiple agencies needing coordination


  • Project implementation 
  • Team mentorship, coaching, and skill-building
  • Revenue optimization
  • Communications development
  • Digital campaign management 
  • Data monitoring, analysis, and insight
  • Inter-agency coordination and facilitation

The Details.

Learn about the Polaris process, client case studies, your creative team, and more. 



Our way is unique and effective. 


We can help you make sense of your situation.


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See how we helped Moffitt Cancer Center achieve their largest growth in history.


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We have a process. And it works.

There's a reason our clients rave about our our ability to bring out the best in teams. We've spent our entire careers crafting an approach that helps people and brands reach their potential. Our way is based on a few core techniques: 

Blending the personal and professional. We live one life. We get the best out of our team members when we harness their whole selves. In all of our engagements, we surface the individual cares and concerns of your team so that each participant is intrinsically motivated to make a difference. 

Integrating head and heart. In social impact, metrics matter, so we'll bring our twenty years of experience in data analytics to bear. But, movements are more than metrics. We'll access your heart's intelligence equally with over twenty years of experience in meditation and mindfulness to access your creativity. You won't just know why you are successful, you'll feel it. 

Creating sacred space. Most teams and offices aren't accustomed to having the kind of honest, authentic, and vulnerable conversations that are needed to spur transformational growth. Feeling safe to speak your truth is key to creating it. We specialize in creating high-performing environments through choosing the space, setting the mood, creating the ground rules, and grounding the shared commitments for our intentions to be realized. 


Data you can understand. Reports you'll actually use. 

In today's environment, getting enough information is seldom the problem. You're likely bombarded with it from all sides: reports with thousands of data points, scorecards with dozens of metrics, and survey results you never have time to look at — not to mention the attitudes of your staff, many of which you never get to hear. 

There are a few things we do in our engagements to help you mine the insights from all of those inputs. 

First, we’ll generate regular reports (like the sample shown here) that are clear, visual, and made for us to review together. That’s where the juice is – seeing what works and making incremental changes to learn and improve. It goes well beyond "reporting" or “optimization” – it’s about making sure we all understand what is working and testing new hypotheses as we go.

Second, we'll help you blend the qualitative and the quantitative so you don't overlook anything important. Not all data is measurable, and often the most important information comes out in ways you can't track in Excel. At the same time, sometimes you can trick yourself into ignoring the numbers right in front of you. We'll help you balance intuition and intelligence to make the best decisions you can.

Third, we'll engineer everything back to your vision – so that incremental progress helps move you closer to what's really possible for your organization.


We recommend six to twelve months.

Whether you are launching and implementing a new program or are looking for year-over-year strategic advisement, Polaris is designed to meet your needs - and your budget. The pricing is retainer based, so you never have to worry about how many hours we're putting to your project or get a bill you weren't expecting. 
Polaris is delivered virtually so we can help you wherever you are. 

Your mess brings out our best.

Our clients choose Polaris because they are navigating complex environments, striving to hit big goals, managing through uncertain times, or all of that and more. They need a skilled team ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
We're ready for anything you throw at us.
The way we structure Polaris, we act as both a coach and another set of hands. We're dreamers and doers. We can provide detached perspective, and can bring experience to bear that most organizations don't have in house.
We'd love to talk more about your challenges and how we can help. 

Miles for Moffitt

The Need

In the midst of a leadership transition, Moffitt Cancer Center needed help navigating the path to achieve their ambitious goals for their legacy peer-to-peer fundraising event, Miles for Moffitt. With less than three months to the event, they turned to Plenty. 
Our Work
Plenty used Polaris, our coaching and implementation service, to assess where things stood, create a set of interventions, and implement them on-the-fly. We also created a dashboard and funnel to create a real-time forecast of projected participants and revenue. We facilitated an in-person workshop to build alignment, cohesion, and excitement among the team. From discovery to race day, we guided the Miles for Moffitt team, providing executive coaching, data analysis, messaging and brand communications, and strategic advisement to pull the needed growth levers for success. 
Our Impact 

Miles for Moffitt 2019 saw the largest increases in both participation and fundraising in the history of the program, marking it as one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer events in the country.  

And to keep the momentum going, Miles for Moffitt kept Plenty on-board for 2020 to further orient the program towards long term growth. Our Polaris service helped make critical adjustments during the Coronavirus pandemic as Miles for Moffitt transitioned to a virtual event. 

To read more case studies click here →

Our place or yours.

We’ll meet virtually weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your preferred cadence. 
For the ultimate experience, join us at our retreat center in Park City, Utah where the beauty and space of our surroundings will bring out your best ideas and your best self.  
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Meet the Plenty elves. 

Plenty has  worked with thousands of conscious leaders and hundreds of purpose-driven organizations.
We play several roles during our engagements. We’re your facilitators, guiding the conversation with questions designed to get you to think big. We’re skilled listeners who can track, synthesize, and integrate intricate nuances into simple understanding. And, we’re also creative entrepreneurs, bringing you the fresh ideas tailored to your needs to make a difference in the world.  

Optional Add-Ons

We're here to help your organization and your people thrive.
Our clients often ask us to do additional analysis, coaching, and development. Among the ways we can help are:
  • Strategic planning
  • Design and launch new concepts
  • Culture assessments and creation
  • Leadership development 
  • Performance and executive coaching
  • Persona creation 
  • Partner and technology selection 
  • Performance, revenue, and customer analysis 
Our Services
Working with Plenty Consulting is nothing short of adding to your team a startling level of depth, experience, insight and brainpower. Each Plenty associate is a perceptive collaborator who brings a strategic acumen and commitment to the issues you’re trying to solve."
Kevin honeycutt-004273-edited

Kevin Honeycutt, CEO, Avon

You are amazing to work with and can’t thank you enough for your leadership, guidance, and insight.”
Casey O’Donnell

Casey O’Donnell, Corporate Partnership Manager, Wounded Warrior Project

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