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Hacking Leadership: 3 Tips to Lead Effectively

If ever there was a year that exposed the need for leadership development, 2016 was it. Time and time again, we saw that the "What's in it for me?" attitude was no longer cutting it. Organizations want more — the commonly held hero leadership model built around power, deadlines, quotas, and elite perspective is now being openly questioned. In a populated and closely connected world, this kind of strategy is unsustainable and perhaps even destabilizing. The community has spoken: we want proactive, prudent strategy grounded in authentic, honest leadership.

So why is good leadership so necessary to an organization's success?

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The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Separation, competition, hierarchy, patriarchy, domination — these are the crumbling foundational elements of old governments, corporations, markets, and ways. These elements represent an old paradigm, no longer sustainable as we rise in our consciousness, vibration, and pace as a planet and species. 

Collaboration, community, care, harmony, oneness, inclusion — these are the ways of the Aquarian Age. We are living in one of the most powerful shifts humanity has ever gone through — a shift that is calling us into new ways of treating and seeing each other as sisters, brothers, reflections, and peers. A time when we see we are more than our origin, ethnicity, orientation, dogma, or sect. A time when we are invited to recognize that we are part of one human race and asked to honor all life forms. 

Welcome to the rise of the Divine Feminine.

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The Truth About Creating Impact: We Need Each Other

We’ve been in the nonprofit space a long time. We’ve seen organizations forgo utilizing flashy tactics and a brand name to employ transparency, authenticity, and accountability with their constituents. We’ve collaborated with companies as they’ve transitioned from divided teams to an aligned organization. And, as the nonprofit sector has evolved, so have we.

Plenty began as an organization focused on strategy, fundraising, and leadership, but we quickly realized that an organization can not be whole and functioning unless the people working within it are whole and functioning themselves. We recognized the power in adopting a holistic approach to our work and clients, so we incorporated wellbeing into our model for success.

This evolution has continued as we have borne witness to the transformation that happens when we harness the power of community. We live in amazing times – what some visionaries have called “the great turning” from one paradigm to another. Old models of business, education, and government are being disrupted. The deficits in these systems are glaring and evident – all you have to do is turn on the news or scroll through your Facebook feed to see that we are in a time of great disruption, change, and opportunity. So what is the pathway to creating the world we envision — one in which there is plenty for everyone? We believe the potential to create the future we desire lies in the power of community.  

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Become the Next P2P Success Story

It’s no secret that we at Plenty believe in the power of peer-to-peer (P2P).

We’ve long emphasized the importance of cultivating P2P networks – first introducing the concept in our foundational Seven Success Factors of P2P Fundraising e-book – and have since written countless blog posts on various P2P strategies and implementations. Still, though we’ve defined peer-to-peer extensively, you may still be wondering why we see a peer-to-peer reality as one of the most significant aspects of the new paradigm we are entering – one in which the passion and authenticity of an organization is far more important than its digital marketing strategies or the production value of its largest events.

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