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Solstice Stillness

This week we celebrate the longest day and shortest night as the sun radiates its light on the northern hemisphere of the earth. All over the world, communities, citizens, and beings of all walks of life gather to honor the natural turning point of the seasons. As a collective, we unite online, in-person, heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, and breath-to-breath to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Topics: Inspiration Leadership

Join us this week at the Collaborative!

The Plenty team is gearing up for one of our favorite weeks of the year – it's Collaborative week in Boston. If you aren't familiar with the conference, the Collaborative is a three-day experience connecting the social sector to share solutions and inspire change. We find it to be different than any other conference in the space – a fascinating blend of nonprofits, for-profits, technologists, futurists, leaders, and idealists. In short, these are our peeps! And yours too, we bet.

This year, Plenty is proud to join only four other companies – Classy, Southwest Airlines, the Boston Foundation and Fluxx – as a presenting sponsor. We're so excited to increase our commitment to this incredible convening of passionate, intelligent change-makers.

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