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You Are Not Alone.

The Plenty Team
September 10, 2019

A few thoughts on World Suicide Prevention Day.

You are not out of place. You are right where you belong. It may not feel like you fit, but that's only because you're growing. A cocoon is cozy but even the smallest caterpillar will outgrow it eventually. Pushing out of that shell can be awkward, like wearing pajamas a size too small or your first day at school after you get braces. And then you learn: I can get bigger pajamas. And then you remember, my teeth are right under all of this metal, getting straighter each day.

You are not lost in the woods. You are right where you are supposed to be. You may not recognize your surroundings, but that's only because you are traveling far. When you look back you will see how far you've come. You may think you are walking alone, but when you look around you will notice people all around, ready to help you over the rocks.

You are not broken. We all get bent by life in different ways, but that's only to teach us how flexible we are. You are meant to twist and turn so you can move with the world around you. You can't snap in two, and you won't. The bent parts get sore, like your legs after a long run. The soreness is a reminder that you are here, and covering ground, and made exquisitely for this journey.

You are not deficient. You have not been found wanting. You are enough, right now. You were brought to this planet for a reason, a reason that is yours alone. You don't need anything to achieve this purpose – you only need to be, right here, as you are. Part of life's miracle is that you can be exactly what you need to be. You can ebb and flow like the water on the shore and the shore won't leave you behind.

You are not alone. You have support all around. If you can't see it, look again – there it is, right in front of you. The support may look different than you expect it to. It may look like an irritated father or an impatient teacher or an annoyed friend. But there it is. If you can't hear it, cry out for it. There are ears all around waiting to hear you; arms reaching out to catch you; and mouths waiting to say to you, over and over: "You are special. You matter. You are loved."

Today and always, please know you are not alone. If you or someone you love needs help, we've assembled a set of links, posts, and resources to help you remember.

Please take good care. You are precious cargo. We need you, and you are not alone.



WSPD 2019

You Have Support All Around.

If you or someone you love is struggling there is hope and help out there - in the embrace of a friend and in the care of trained professionals.

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