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The Increasing Importance of Authenticity

The Plenty Strategy Model "Meridian" is rooted in the belief that we are entering a new era of authenticity – one in which what we feel is becoming more important than what we know. In order for organizations and individuals to thrive during this massive paradigm shift, we have to realize that our hearts are as important as our heads. Don't get us wrong, what we know is incredibly important – we have to be smart, analytical, and rigorous – but we can’t start there. We must start listening to the most intelligent organ in our body – the heart. 

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It's Time to Cross Your Bridge

We've all learned not to burn our bridges as we make friends, build relationships, pursue our careers, and live our lives. 

I've recently learned that this concept goes all the way back to ancient China, and specifically to Miu-King, a soldier and earl, who burnt his boats as he invaded Tsin to ensure the only options for himself (and his reluctant troops) were victory or death. We see this concept again in the famous story of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon. Caesar led his army over the Rubicon River, and saying "The die is cast," sealed his fate (and again, the fate of those around him) to one of only two options.

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A Magical Morning Run

I awake with a palpable energy stirring within. I am cozy and warm under my down comforter but it is time to get up and move. I give thanks for the gift of being alive on this new and beautiful day.

I put on my running clothes and head downstairs to hydrate and drink my morning coffee. I pick a Sacred Rebel card to start off my day. The card reads: “Within you, there is fresh new life emerging like a vibrant green shoot rising up from the earth. This new life is in need of your attention, tenderness, and care.” Its message accurately sums up the newfound feelings that are brewing in my heart. They put words to something that is growing and blossoming from within my soul.

I feel this new life breaking through the soil as my heart opens and my mind expands. Each day, I am becoming more aware of the synchronicities of conscious connection and possibility.

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5 Tips For Creating a Compelling Brand

As our world continues to transform and businesses continue to heed its changing ways, brand has proven to be more relevant now than ever before. About 543,000 new business are created each month in the United States, many of which continue on to grow and iterate rapidly. The mass innovation currently taking place, while innovative and progressive in nature, has also created a highly saturated marketplace in which we’re often scrambling to be heard, to bring value, and to establish real, rooted connections with our communities. This increased noise and saturation has made the importance of a compelling, clear, and recognizable brand critical to organizational growth. Which is why we're exploring (and sharing!) the five foundational components of great brands. 

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The Evolution of Organizational Strategy

A couple weeks ago, we outlined the new paradigm that is emerging within our peer-to-peer world — one in which community and collaboration reign over hierarchy and competition. We highlighted the increasingly important, and apparent, reality that we are more connected than ever before, which is enhancing our ability to activate and mobilize networks to create massive transformative change. With this new paradigm emerging, we must ask ourselves:

  • How do we as organizations make an impact?
  • In an increasingly interconnected world that demands, and is starving for authenticity, what does business strategy look like?
  • And, how do we bring it to life and how do we evaluate success?

This new paradigm also brings with it an undeniable certainty that branding, image, organizational following, and, most of all, leadership are critical to success. Any organization looking to grow, will have to address these areas and any issues within them as they construct their strategic plans for success.

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Featured Idealist Spotlight: Chris Waddell

If you missed September's Featured Idealist segment last month, you're in luck!

Meet the Founder of OneRevolution, Chris Waddell, whose mission is to change society's perception of what it means to live with a disability, and how the labels we give ourselves and others make a difference. Read Chris's story below and learn more about the important work OneRevolution is doing.

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