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A Magical Morning Run

Jennifer Mulholland
October 18, 2016

I awake with a palpable energy stirring within. I am cozy and warm under my down comforter but it is time to get up and move. I give thanks for the gift of being alive on this new and beautiful day.

I put on my running clothes and head downstairs to hydrate and drink my morning coffee. I pick a Sacred Rebel card to start off my day. The card reads: “Within you, there is fresh new life emerging like a vibrant green shoot rising up from the earth. This new life is in need of your attention, tenderness, and care.” Its message accurately sums up the newfound feelings that are brewing in my heart. They put words to something that is growing and blossoming from within my soul.

I feel this new life breaking through the soil as my heart opens and my mind expands. Each day, I am becoming more aware of the synchronicities of conscious connection and possibility.

sun-path-trees.jpgI start running, straight from the driveway toward The Canyons. My run starts off steady and strong but I am conscious of the incline and need to allow my body some time to warm up. I run past my office, listening to some of my favorite music, which motivates each stride to be deliberate and strong. As I begin to crest the hill right at The Canyon's traffic light, one of my favorite songs from August Rush comes on— "August Rhapsody." My pace quickens. Immediately, I begin to notice the purple and blue hues of the flowers that line my path. I see the golden yellows in the grass and buds that are sprinkled with purple petals, creating a lush barrier between the passing cars and my moving body. Everything sharpens. I look up to the sun that is shining brightly on my shoulders and I shift into a state of harmony with its rays. I am mesmerized by the light and look up towards the bright star. My hands move out to my sides as I receive the warm glow from the radiating sun in my palms. My gate quickens even more and my hands suddenly turn towards each other. I sense a ball of energy between them — it is a ball of love, light, peace, beauty, and connection. I take the ball and spread it out towards everything around me, imagining it traveling to all living beings. My heartbeat pounds with each step and I feel strong, powerful, and in awe of what is happening.

I round the corner to turn onto the dirt path that heads back towards my home. I am captivated by my feelings and the beauty that surrounds me in the stream, trees, and mountains. As my gaze switches from the beaver dam in the water to the blue sky, I see three sand hill cranes flying overhead. I stop and look up at their graceful flight. My breath is taken away and tears begin to stream down my face. I cry and consciously allow my tears of fullness, joy, and wonder to flow out of me. My hands automatically go to my heart and I feel the heat coming off my chest as I am overwhelmed with the visions I see and the sensations I feel. I turn to look at the mountain and am struck by the rising sun that is just barely peaking out. Its position in the sky has shifted because of my new location. The sun's light streams upon me, just like it does every morning during my sunrise meditation. It is the same light that weaves a luminous web of connection and consciousness around the planet. I ask that it stream forth into me so I can share it with the world. I ask it to use me for the highest and greatest purpose, to help me realize my fullest potential that even I can’t see. I ask to be used as an agent and catalyst of hope, healing, and inspiration to people on the earth. I ask for this light to be centered in my heart and amplified with power and positive purpose.

I feel my heart open to new depths I never thought possible. I feel a radiant energy pouring out from the center of my chest in front and behind my body. It is an overpowering, mysterious, and surprising feeling that fills me with comfort, gratitude, and a feeling of connection to all life. The music that is still playing in my ears leads into a crescendo and I feel so full. The song concludes with the only words spoken during the entire song: “The music is all around us. All you have to do is listen.” It is spot on for my morning experience and I am so thankful I am awake to hear and see the magical melody of life.


I begin running again with a fast and deliberate pace. I am fueled by a passionate force that seems to be motivating every step. The path is occupied by people now, mostly walkers and bikers. I reach out to give two of them a high-five.

As I conclude my run, I feel a heightened frequency of energy surging through my veins and muscles. I am awakening to something new. Something is brewing that is mysterious, expansive, and invigorating. I feel the seedling shooting up from within my being, breaking through the soil and striving towards the light with courage, faith, and strength. It is a seedling that will sow new possibilities and ideas, seeing that same potential in others. This seedling has my attention and deserves my tenderness and care.

As human beings, new growth and expansion is always on offer. We have the opportunity to choose to see the beauty that is everywhere and the music that is all around us. Our lives require attention and intention. The people around us require attention and intention. Nature requires our attention and intention. It is a choice we make each day when we wake.

I invite you to allow the rays of the sun to illuminate the passion, purpose, and potential that lies within. The world needs your light. The world needs your vision. The worlds needs your unique talents and skills. Most importantly, the world needs your heart.

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