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The Increasing Importance of Authenticity

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
October 27, 2016

The Plenty Strategy Model "Meridian" is rooted in the belief that we are entering a new era of authenticity – one in which what we feel is becoming more important than what we know. In order for organizations and individuals to thrive during this massive paradigm shift, we have to realize that our hearts are as important as our heads. Don't get us wrong, what we know is incredibly important – we have to be smart, analytical, and rigorous – but we can’t start there. We must start listening to the most intelligent organ in our body – the heart. 

The power of the heart is all around us and within us. The heart actually sends more information to the body than the brain does. Have you ever walked into a crowded room and “felt” a mood? Perhaps you sensed joy or apprehension. Our bodies send out electromagnetic fields that we can’t see or touch, but we can feel them. In the same way, have you ever worked on a problem intellectually that had you stumped, only to find the answer emerge in the shower, while sleeping, or during exercise? The head is wonderful for many tasks in our modern world, but creativity, passion, and inspiration aren’t its strong suit. 

Screen_Shot_2016-09-28_at_2.48.53_PM.pngIn a similar way, we have to embrace the idea that organizations are only as powerful as the people in them. To create successful organizations, we need to have seen, activated, and whole people

This is becoming increasingly evident in every sector, and especially in fundraising. Constituents no longer feel compelled to participate in a campaign because they think they should. Rather, they seek to support ethical, modern, transparent organizations making true impact. It is not enough to expect support because you believe you have a good cause — you have to prove you deserve support because you are truly making a difference. Which is why - we start with individuals. We speak to their passions and interests and in return we build a relationship built on more than just data. 

All of our engagements, whether two days or two years, are built on the same theory of change – a theory designed to unlock the heart of people for transformative individual and organizational impact. If you're interested in working with Plenty to create an authentic, passionate, and powerful strategy for your organization, contact us to inquire about availability for our Meridian experience — a transformational retreat in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah. And in the meantime, start unlocking growth and impact for your team by downloading our new strategy e-book, "Meridian: Connecting to the Heart of Strategy" below. 

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