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The Most Effective, But Not So New, P2P Concept To Try

Fact: It’s hard to get started.

If you're a follower of Plenty you already know that you should have a peer-to-peer fundraising program. The question is, where to start?

We work with many organizations that want to understand where to begin, what the next step should be, and what a wider portfolio will look like. We like to think of our work, which answers these questions, as a peer-to-peer roadmap.

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The Best Advice You've Probably Forgotten: Post #1

What is the lifespan of advice? Does it have one? I like to think that the best advice transcends time and impacts us throughout our entire lives – think the “Golden Rule”; “look both ways before crossing the street”; “don’t eat yellow snow”; etc.

However, the pragmatist in me recognizes that while almost all advice derives from good intentions it often gets buried beneath the clutter of our daily tasks and ultimately forgotten. We intend on remembering and acting on the guidance given to us, usually with much vigor early on, but as time passes we forget the gems of insight that were shared and return to our habits.

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The Secret Behind Every Fundraising Success Story

As a fundraiser, I’ve been to my fair share of fundraising parties, often hosted by a board member, donor, or volunteer. While these events can be a fantastic way to connect and meet new potential major donors, I typically find them to be awkward, stiff, and sometimes a little too heavy on the wine.

Recently, I helped host a local fundraising party, not unlike those mentioned above, to benefit an organization very close to my heart: Daraja Academy, a secondary school for girls in Kenya. Daraja’s program is nothing short of transformative; I witnessed it myself during the 7 months I lived on campus as a communications intern after graduating from college.

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When Good Intentions Become Road Blocks: How To Make The Case For Investment In Nonprofit Growth

Politics, past relationships, religion. These conversation topics are written into thousands of invisible contracts between friends, and understood to be verboten at certain events, like around the dinner table or at family gatherings. These usual suspects can be divisive, inflammatory, and sometimes downright cringe-worthy. And now that I work in the social good sector, charity benchmark websites can be added to that list.

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How To Effectively Communicate Your Impact

Quantifying impact is oftentimes an ongoing challenge for nonprofits, particularly when social impact can be difficult to put a number on. And while the process typically requires you to continually refine your metrics and adjust how you articulate your impact, at the end of the day, your constituents need to understand how you’ll transform their donation into real impact and how your past performance qualifies you to manage that investment effectively. We recommend adopting the following three best practices when creating messaging to showcase the change your organization is making.

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Apply A “Fitbit Mentality” To Your Job

10,000 is the new magic number. Whether you’ve bought into the latest lifestyle craze or not, you’ve likely found yourself using the word “steps” more frequently than ever before. And if you are a Fitbit wearer, chances are you’ve taken an extra lap in the grocery store or given your dog the longer walk they've always wanted in order to hit the physician-recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Goal setting for wellness has its benefits, for sure, but Fitbit ownership implies a lifestyle change that has far-reaching implications for your career, and your ability to effect change at your organization. The Harvard Business Review calls this phenomenon “self-quantification” touting it as an indicator of high potential employees. Whether you are mastering this technique already or learning about it for the first time, we have the tips you need to become more efficient and successful at work.

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The Sure Sign You Need An Independent Board

I've worked with enough organizations to know that every organization is different. And yet, oftentimes, every group is unique in exactly the same way, if you catch my meaning. "You couldn't possibly understand our issues with X." Hmmm, try me.

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Three Ways To Become A Better Leader

Great leaders are not born overnight. It takes time, effort, and humility to become a great leader. Which is why leaders of high-caliber are one of the most sought after resources in business, and seemingly, one of the most scarce.

However, I denounce the idea that the well of impactful leaders is drying up. I believe we are all leaders. And like you, and all others on this path – I'm on a leadership journey.

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The Truth About Being Right

I came across this gem by Georges Bidault recently, an active member of the French Resistance during World War II and later French prime minister: "The weak have one weapon: the errors of those who think they are strong."

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Changing The World Is Easier Than You Think

As I walked through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Wednesday, a message called out to me through the crowd of travelers hurrying to make their connections: “Be kind to other people.” This message was printed in bold white letters on the back of a maroon t-shirt worn by a petite blond woman.

I’m not usually one to initiate conversations with my fellow travelers, but in this case I found myself hurrying to catch up to the message and the woman so I could ask her about it. Fortunately, we were heading for the same escalator and I managed to squeeze in right behind her.

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A #GivingTuesday Strategy In 30 Words

It happened so fast – mere moments ago we were sipping cool beverages in short sleeves, listening to songs about the beach, and watching fireworks overhead. But a cool breeze blew in, college football kicked off, and pumpkin spice popped up on everything. The arrival of fall not only signifies sweater weather, but also crunch time for solidifying and executing end of year fundraising strategies, including #GivingTuesday. 

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