Create a Peer-to-Peer Campaign That's Profitable, Not Painful

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful way to spread your message, engage new supporters, and, most importantly, raise critical funds for your mission – if it isn't draining your time, money, and motivation.
The country's most successful peer-to-peer programs trust Plenty to grow their peer-to-peer –and their bottom line.
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Stop jumping over dollars to get to pennies.

Does your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign feel like an endless effort to vacuum loose change off the couch?

You bought the right software. You hired someone to revamp your emails. You implemented an incentive structure. You even added to your staff. And yet, your year-over-year growth is mediocre at 5%, 3%, or worse. 

You don't need another tool, trinket, or incremental hack. You need more revenue and less busy work. 

We've worked with the majority of the largest peer-to-peer programs in the country – including seven of the nation's ten largest programs. And we've helped some of the smallest programs grow into robust, scalable campaigns.

When you're done running to stand still, we can help. 


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Transformative change comes from alignment. 

The problem with your peer-to-peer campaign isn't the software, the email, the gift bag, or the event production.

The problem is a lack of alignment. 

Staff who aren't aligned on who the audience is or how to ask them for support. Messages that aren't aligned with the interests of donors. Teams who aren't aligned on the goals of the program. 

When that kind of uncertainty is embedded in the program, it is no wonder that staff chooses to focus on more controllable areas – like logistics and event planning – instead of the outreach, cultivation, and stewardship that creates real growth.

Our thoughtful, conscious approach will align your team around the right growth strategy, build confidence in articulating your mission, and inspire your team to achieve it. 

It Doesn't Have to Be Hard

We Make It Easy

In as little as two days we can help you bring clarity to your work and transform your results.


Clarify What Matters

In our discovery process, we'll help you and your team understand your current results, align on what drives growth, and inspire you to imagine what is possible.


Align On What's Important

During our workshop – onsite or online – we'll help you articulate a shared vision, focus on the metrics that matter most, and agree on how to move forward intentionally.


Achieve Your Goals

We'll leave you with the plan, the passion, and the shared commitment to make your peer-to-peer campaign the growth engine you need.

Yes, it works. 

We've heard every objection in the book.

"We're too stressed and busy to take time for this."

"We're skeptical because we heard this same thing from our software vendor, but it never delivered the promised results." 

"Our team doesn't like to talk about our mission." (Yes, we hear that.)

But every single time we ask a leader like you to trust us to help their team align on better results, we hear, "My only regret is that we didn't do this sooner." 

Isn't it time to be more purposeful about how you approach your peer-to-peer?

"Bringing an entire organization together can prove to be a challenge. Adding another outside vendor, a consultant, and multiple internal teams with a two-week deadline is a borderline miracle! Yet, Plenty was able to coordinate a project with massive organizational impact and ensure it was succinct, smooth, and the results were just what we needed."
Brea Kratzert Todd
Brea Kratzert Todd
Wounded Warrior Project
"Plenty is a model for what I want to be for others. Their presence, their leadership, their wisdom… all things I truly admire. Plenty is making a real difference in the lives of people who want to help. I am grateful to them for leading in this space."
Keri Balmer
Fred Hutch Cancer Center

Alignment isn't a silver bullet. It's better.

We Can Help

Experience you can trust. 

Plenty's principals have decades of experience in peer-to-peer growth – combining years of direct management of peer-to-peer programs with experience consulting for hundreds of organizations like yours. 

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A setting you'll love.

We're happy to oblige if you need us to come to you – or want to work over Zoom. But when you're ready for something unique, refreshing, and uplifting, we're prepared for that, too. Our private retreat center, HeartSpace, is waiting to nurture your biggest dreams.

The Time Is Now

Let's talk about your challenges and how you can make your peer-to-peer campaign more rewarding, fulfilling, and successful.

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