Grow Into Spring

A Spring Equinox Meditation

On March 20, 2023 we celebrate the Spring Equinox. Marking the first day of spring, the equinox is the day in the Northern Hemisphere when we receive equal periods of day and night. 
The equinox is a time of balance and renewal. As day and night stand in equal relationship to one another, we're invited to find harmony within opposing forces of light and dark.
As we welcome a season of more light, do you feel your work is illuminating – or draining? Bring more light into your leadership with the free meditation below. And to lead with light all year round, experience our Lantern Leadership Retreat
Enjoy our free guided meditation to help you attune to a season of new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. Today, as day and night balance equally, we are invited to find the same balance in our lives – between work and play, relationships and self, and activity and rest. 
Find a comfortable space and enjoy this guided meditation to help release what no longer serves you as you grow into spring.


Words channeled by Jennifer Mulholland and music channeled by Jeff Shuck. 
Produced by Plenty, for you. 

Spring Equinox

Questions For Reflection


What is your body yearning for?


What is your soul seeking?


What are you ready to allow yourself to create?


What does your inner light want to express?

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