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Summer Solstice 2020

Summer Solstice 2022

Beauty Calls

The longest day and the shortest night are upon us! The 2022 Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is Tuesday, June 21, at 3:13am MST.

The Solstice is a moment, a passing, a turning point from one chapter to another. And, what a chapter it has been! 

And yet, the Solstice invites to pause and reflect on the good that is all around. The word  "solstice" literally means "sun standing" – the day when the sun appears to stop moving in the sky. It is on this day when the sun and earth align in stillness. The Summer Solstice invites light to shine bright into all creation, illuminating the beauty that is all around.

We are invited to do the same as we mark the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, the season of light. This year, we were moved to create a beautiful and inspiring poem to remind us all that beauty and inspiration are all around – right here, right now. 

We hope you enjoy it and that it helps you usher in a new, vibrant, rejuvenating summer for yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the world. 

Choose to tune in. Choose to notice the beauty in and out. 

You are that light. You are beauty. You are the answer we need.

Summer Solstice Guided Meditation

We've also created a special Summer Solstice meditation to help you slow down, channel your beautiful life-force, and connect to the beauty within you and around you. 

Featuring words channelled by Jennifer Mulholland and music by Jeff Shuck. Produced by Plenty. 

Questions For Reflection

After you finish the meditation, write down what is present in this moment. 

Where do you see beauty?
What are you ready to leave behind?
What do you hope to bring into form?

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