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Lumeria Women's Wellbeing Weekend

From Self-care to Soul-care.

Join us at Lumeria, Plenty's four-day wellbeing weekend for women. 

October 3-6, 2019 

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From busy mind to divine mind. Lumeria will help you detach from thought, listen deeply, and increase your attention and intention to live a more fulfilling life. Give yourself the break you deserve. Take your mind off your worries and listen to the wisdom that arises when you create more space inside and out.

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Relax. Let go. Be. You.

Experience the gift of rest. Care for the magnificently intelligent vehicle that brings you the experience of life each day. Learn how to better fuel, move, and nourish your body in a way that truly works for you. 



We have a mind but we are not our minds. We have a body but we are not our bodies. Whatever you name it to be, Lumeria will guide you to deepen your connection to your divine essence – the formless intelligence behind your form.

Why A
Wellbeing Weekend for Women?

In our work with people like you, we consistently meet powerful, bright, amazing women who are depleted. Exhausted. Undernourished. Stressed out. It's not right. And it's not sustainable – for you or the people you care for.

Time for Lumeria. The self-care and soul-care you need and deserve.


A Retreat You'll Love 

Wellbeing is a human right. That's right: we are designed to be healthy, happy and whole. However, sometimes the speed and activity of life can take its toll. Enjoy the reprieve you've been longing for. Lumeria is three days of self-care, wisdom and personal growth all tailored to help you rest, replenish and rejuvenate. Listen to the deep calling within that is inviting you to something more. Let Plenty guide you through a wellbeing journey designed to help you feel healthy, happy and whole.


Four Days

Lumeria is short enough to be accessible to even the busiest of schedules and long enough to provide the deep self-care you deserve. Tuition includes everything you need to slow down, relax, and rejuvenate. 

  • All breakfasts and lunches 
  • One unforgettable mountain yurt dinner
  • Special lodging discounts
  • Yoga, mediation, and sound weaving
  • Outdoor exploration and movement
  • Coaching and connection 

Park City, Utah 

Nestled in the majestic Wasatch Mountains, Park City is America's favorite town. Lovely to experience, easy to get to, and a breath of fresh air outside of your normal everyday.

  • Serene and inspiring setting 
  • Held at HeartSpace, Plenty's private retreat center
  • 30-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport
  • Hotels within walking distance

Lumeria was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting more peace and fulfillment in their life. The supportive and safe atmosphere created by Plenty allowed for an amazing opportunity for self growth and reflection. I was able to open my heart and mind to new experiences and learn about how to work on connecting my mind, body and soul in a positive and compassionate manner. The diverse activities, incredible people and beautiful environment made for an unforgettable week."


 Stephanie Walski

The Details

Lumeria is Plenty's Wellbeing Weekend for Women


Lumeria includes everything you need for a women's weekend of deep self-care.


Happy & whole. Wellbeing is your birthright.


Explore the Lumeria agenda - designed to meet all of your needs for a better, more fulfilled you.


Let HeartSpace become YourSpace.


Meet Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck, your guides for Lumeria.


Everything you need to know to book travel, transportation, and lodging. 

What's included?

Movement, mindfulness, nutrition, and nature combined with our powerful curriculum to support the whole you. 

Our Way

We are all designed to be healthy, happy and whole. However, sometimes the speed and activity of life can take its toll. Lumeria is an opportunity to pause, reflect and deeply explore right relationship with mind, body and spirit. During the retreat, we covered three main themes: right relationship with body, mind and spirit. 

  • Body: Your body is magnificent. It has innate intelligence – and innate wellbeing. It knows how to heal without you forcing it or telling it to do so.
  • Mind: Our minds create thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. Mind isn’t worry or anxiety – those are thoughts. Mind is the essence behind thought. When we create space for ourselves free of attachment to thought, insights and creativity appear to us according to perfect Divine timing.
  • Soul: We have a mind but we are not our minds. We have a body but we are not our bodies.  Whatever you name it to be, Lumeria will guide you to deepen your connection to the essence that we are -- and notice the visible and invisible signs of benevolence all around.

The Agenda

We've carefully curated the Lumeria curriculum so your four days here will be relaxing, meaningful, and fulfilling. 

The activities are a mix of self-care, personal reflection, small group discussion, and large group conversation. Much of the week is spent in pods of four – so you can share authentically and create deep connections. 

Similarly, you'll spend quite a bit of time in nature. It's beautiful here, and we want to have a chance to enjoy it. 

Day 1 will kick-off at 5:00pm allowing enough time for travel to Park City.  Each day will begin at 8:00am with facilitated activities, outdoor breaks, delicious lunches, and open space. Your evenings will be spent connecting with your soul sisters over incredible dinners, coaching and conversation. Day 4 will conclude at 2:30pm, allowing enough time to return home or to extend your stay and enjoy the activities that Park City offers. 

The Space

The mountains are calling to you. Experience the serenity of HeartSpace, Plenty's retreat center in Park City, Utah. Enjoy new freedom as the majestic beauty of the West lightens your mood and activates your senses.  Embark on a journey of movement, mindfulness, nutrition, and nature as you give yourself the care you so deserve. 

Explore HeartSpace

Your Guides

Experience the dance of Plenty's co-leaders as they guide you to integrate head and heart, intellect and intuition, the masculine and the feminine within yourself. Both have spent a lifetime in the nourishing and sometimes difficult quest to find and express their authentic blueprints. They have created Lumeria’s unique curriculum from their combined education, lived experience and training in health, nutrition, spirituality, human potential, and wellbeing.  Enjoy the gift of self-discovery through the intentional leadership of two people truly committed to helping you become your best self. 

Meet Your Guides

Planning Your Trip 

HeartSpace is located just thirty-five minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport at 4343 Highway 224, Suite 203, Park City, Utah 84098.


There are dozens of wonderful places to stay in Park City. We recommend two in particular:

  • Hyatt Place Hotel:  The Hyatt Place Hotel is brand new, clean, affordable, and literally right next door to HeartSpace. The convenience of staying just 30 yards away can't be beat. Please click the link above or call 888-591-1234 and mention the Plenty room block to receive a room discount to Lantern.
  • Waldorf Astoria: For a more lavish experience, the Waldorf Astoria is about a five-minute walk up the mountain. The Waldorf offers an incredible pool, gym, restaurant, and bar. Rates are pretty steep during ski season but become much more affordable during Lantern. Treat yourself! 

You really won't need a car during Lumeria as we have arranged transportation for our planned activities. We recommend taking Lyft or Uber from the airport to your hotel. If you choose to extend your stay, there are several car rental options at the airport or in Park City. 

Lumeria was priceless. I appreciate that the Plenty team is so thoughtful and intentional about every aspect of the experience. I'm so grateful that I attended Lumeria - giving myself the space to be in the present was exactly what I needed and then some."

Jen Masar

Is Lumeria Right For Me?

We can't grow professionally if we are burning ourselves out personally. We can't grow personally if we are depleted professionally. We live one life.

Whether you are an executive, parent, entrepreneur, student, activist or whatever role you find yourself playing, you need to invest in yourself in order to grow. Sometimes we need to slow down so our dreams can speed up.

If you need that time-out to care for your whole-self and make yourself a priority.  Lumeria is the care you need and the experience you deserve. 


You're worth your own wellbeing. Give yourself the gift of presence and peace in beautiful Park City, Utah. Bring yourself or bring your...

      • Besties
      • Mothers
      • Daughter (s)
      • Soul sister (s)
      • Teammate (s)
      • Partner

I came to Lumeria feeling worn out and just looking for some time to myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wound up loving every part of the event. I came out refreshed, grounded and more confident in myself."


 Mara Orrico

I recommend the Lumeria experience to anyone interested in self love and care. To take time for yourself and to enjoy the Park City area is a gift that is necessary and a choice for all. Jennifer and Jeff provide a safe, fun and a beautiful exploratory space to appreciate the beauty of ones self and others.

Susan Hadley

Wellbeing for a weekend.
Healing for a lifetime.

Register for Lumeria today and take the first step to a more nourished you.

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  • Nourishing curriculum
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  • Comfort and care

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