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What is Lumeria?

Lumeria is Plenty's three-day wellbeing retreat for women.
We help you slow down to nourish your body, mind, and soul. 
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From busy mind to divine mind. Lumeria will help you detach from thought, listen deeply, and increase your attention and intention to live a more fulfilling life. Take your mind off your worries and listen to the deep wisdom that arises when you create more space inside and out.

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Relax. Let go. Be. You.

Experience the gift of a well-deserved time out. Care for the magnificently intelligent vehicle that brings you the experience of life each day. Learn how to better fuel and move your body in a way that truly works for you. 



We have a mind but we are not our minds. We have a body but we are not our bodies.  Whatever you name it to be, Lumeria will guide you to deepen your connection to the essence that we are -- and notice the visible and invisible signs of benevolence all around.

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Healthy, Happy & Whole

Wellbeing is your birthright.

That's right: we are designed to be healthy, happy and whole. However, sometimes the speed and activity of life can take its toll. Enjoy the reprieve you've been longing for. Lumeria is three days of self-care, wisdom and personal growth all tailored to help you rest, replenish and rejuvenate. Listen to the deep calling within that is inviting you to something more. Let Plenty guide you through a wellbeing journey designed to help you feel healthy, happy and whole.

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Body, Mind & Soul

Let HeartSpace become YourSpace.

The mountains are calling you home. To you. Experience the serenity of HeartSpace, Plenty's retreat center in Park City, Utah. Enjoy new freedom as the majestic beauty of the West lightens your mood and activates your senses.  Embark on a journey of movement, mindfulness, nutrition, and nature as you give yourself the care you so deserve. 

What's Included?

Your Guides

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck are co-leaders of Plenty and your guides for Lumeria. Both have spent a lifetime in the nourishing and sometimes difficult quest to find and express their authentic blueprints. They have created the retreat’s unique curriculum from their combined education, lived experience and training in health, nutrition, spirituality, human potential, and wellbeing.  

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Holistic Health, For You

Lumeria is designed to meet all of your needs for a better, more fulfilled you.

Tuition is $795 and includes all of your meals and the wide variety of activities below. We'll even tip the masseuse for you.

*Payment plans available.



Sound Weaving

Alone Time

Delicious Meals

Outdoor Hikes


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Creative Play




Energy Enhancing Foods

Mindfulness & Meditation

Wellbeing for a weekend.
Healing for a lifetime.

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