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Client Love

Invaluable Experience

"I have been to a LOT of trainings and retreats and I can honestly say that Lantern was one of the most valuable experiences I have every had.  Heartspace is set up to be a comfortable, nurturing and safe place where you can take a deep breath and open up to the entire experience.  The way Jennifer and Jeff co-lead and guide you through using their unique tools was so effortless and fun.  I was able to connect with my own leadership style and really see what was working in my life and what was not and used the tools to make shifts so I could be in line with the things that are most important to me and living my life purpose authentically in ALL aspects of my life.  I had so many take aways and aha moments for myself, it was truly an invaluable experience that I am so grateful for."
 ~ Kristie Buehner
Topics: Leadership Jennifer and Jeff Lantern

Re-Light Your Way

"Lantern is a place you need to go when you have lost your path. When you can't see what is right in front of you any more, whether it's in work or life, you come to Lantern to re-light your way. You will walk away with the weight of the world lifted slightly off your shoulders with your life's purpose held high and the light glowing from within. I came in to Lantern as an employee with a great opportunity to learn more about my craft (thanks to my employer) but I walked away a "wholer" person with my passion for life (not work necessarily) reignited which in the end will better those around me and the work that I do. Thank you Jeff and Jen for creating the safest space I have ever been in (not just cause I'm a jaded New Yorker), for allowing us all to see what is right in front of us and for creating an experience that will forever stay within my heart."

Topics: Leadership Jennifer and Jeff Lantern

I'll Never Forget

"The best thing about Lantern is getting to step away from the daily grind of life, slow down and think about what really matters. What brings you joy? How can you live a life that fosters your greatest potential? Lantern showed me that the answers are already inside me. I just needed to listen. I'll never forget the friends I made, the beautiful surroundings, and the clarity of purpose I received. I wish I could live the Lantern experience all the time!"

Topics: Leadership Lantern

Rocked It

"YOU GUYS ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Topics: Museum Of Science

Refreshed, Grounded, More Confident

"I came to Lumeria feeling worn out and just looking for some time to myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wound up loving every part of the event. I came out refreshed, grounded and more confident in myself."

Topics: Wellbeing Lumeria

Fantastic Experience

"Lumeria was a fantastic experience with a lasting impact to take with me in life. Just go!!"

Topics: Wellbeing Lumeria


"This experience was priceless. I appreciate that the Plenty team is so thoughtful and intentional about every aspect of the experience. I'm so grateful that I attended Lumeria - giving myself the space to be in the present was exactly what I needed and then some."

Topics: Wellbeing Lumeria

Unforgettable Week

"Lumeria was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting more peace and fulfillment in their life. The supportive and safe atmosphere created by Jen, Jeff and Sierra allowed for an amazing opportunity for self growth and reflection. I was able to open my heart and mind to new experiences and learn about how to work on connecting my mind, body and soul in a positive and compassionate manner. The diverse activities, incredible people and beautiful environment made for an unforgettable week. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a unique and special experience."

Topics: Wellbeing Jennifer and Jeff Lumeria

Safe, Fun, Beautiful

"I recommend the Lumeria experience to anyone interested in self love and care. To take time for yourself and to enjoy the Park City area is a gift that is necessary and a choice for all. Jennifer and Jeff provide a safe, fun and a beautiful exploratory space to appreciate the beauty of ones self and others."

Topics: Wellbeing Jennifer and Jeff Lumeria

Unique and Meaningful

"This was truly a unique and meaningful way experience. Meridian was much more productive than other strategy approaches I've experienced over the past 40 years.”

Topics: Strategy Meridian Starr Commonwealth

Heartily Endorse

"Jennifer and Jeff are consumate professionals, real, caring, warm, insightful and they have designed the Meridian process to elicit information from their attendees in a unique way. Each exercise reveals a different dimension of the important information needed to find your organization's joy, purpose and mission. Though we are only part-way through the process I am eager to see our organization's unique strategic plan unfold. I heartily endorse the Meridian process and the great folks at Plenty!"

Topics: Strategy Jeff Shuck Jennifer Mulholland Meridian Starr Commonwealth

Plenty is Powerful

"The energy and creativity of Plenty is powerful, and in more ways than one. Their ability to actively listen and positively challenge positions and opinions, weaving each thought and statement together throughout the process in a way that takes your head and your heart to a new space was impressive, and comforting, because it showed me how invested they were in helping us achieve our goals of the day and the many that follow. I also appreciated the unfiltered environment they were able to create and inspire, as it allowed each participant to be their authentic self, despite the tension that sometimes comes with it."

Topics: Strategy Starr Commonwealth Meditation