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Truly Unique and Inspirational

"Many corporate retreats are paint-by-numbers affairs that rarely provide opportunities for true breakthrough thinking. Meridian is a unicorn in this field. The process and outcome is truly unique and inspirational. Any top executive or marketer would greatly benefit from this experience."

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Highly Recommend

"Plenty and the Meridian model not only helped the team gain alignment and clarity on our vision at the highest level, but they also enabled us to go deep on key next steps and tactics to make the vision a reality. Plenty is more than a purpose driven organization. They are experts in facilitating and gaining alignment for brand strategy. I would highly recommend any brand or company in need of alignment on vision and strategy."

Topics: Strategy Meridian Cruzan

Ensures the Well-Being of Brands

"Plenty's Meridian process endeavors to ensure the well-being of brands with the well-being of their gatekeepers."

Topics: Strategy Meridian Cruzan


"The openness, compassion, and insight created through the Meridian process was amazing. I can't wait to see the results from the program, that we will implement."

Topics: Strategy Meridian Cruzan

Aligned and Purposeful

"Meridian is a great way to break through to get to an aligned and purposeful direction for the brand, and for myself as part of the team, to take the brand forward."

Topics: Strategy Meridian Cruzan

Warm and Professional

"Jennifer and Jeff as well as the entire Plenty team were extremely warm, professional and endeared themselves to a broad cross-functional team -- leading us through an unique and comprehensive Merdian strategic process to gain alignment for the Cruzan brand."

Topics: Strategy Meridian Cruzan

Focus a Large Group

"Plenty was able to focus a large group of people who can rarely “disconnect” to accomplish a goal that was very important. In this always-on world it’s hard to stay off phones and laptops to work on something together, but we did it and everyone really liked the experience of Meridian."

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Collaborative and Immersive

 "I've been through and conducted enough leadership training to know that they're very much at the surface, and I didn't want something that was didactic. I wanted something that was collaborative and immersive and experiential, and that's hard to find. Lantern exceeded these needs because it went deeper into passion and purpose and possibility."

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Soul Nourishing

"At HeartSpace we were enveloped in a warm, soul nourishing setting that allowed us to unplug from the doing and just be. Coupled with Plenty's mastery of hearing our words and the whispers of our heart, we were able to unlock our deepest desires and highest possibilities, leading us in a bold new direction for our future."

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Perfect Balance

"Lantern was a perfect balance of reflection, humility, creativity, leadership, energy and focus. The format, content and community unleashed the best in me and provided a great life framework to use moving forward."

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A Wonderful World

"Jennifer and Jeff are pioneers in the way in which they are bringing idealists together to discuss and practice leadership. People who are curious about pioneering new territory and developing new paradigms should absolutely come to Lantern.   I think they will very quickly say, "I am home." This model, this way of being, is what should be done in the world but is not done. I feel like Plenty is taking business and introducing all of the things we are taught in moral ethical teachings, wherever they come from. Plenty is actually making them germane and authentic within businesses. Imagine that reality. Wouldn't that be a wonderful world?"

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Borderline Miracle

"Bringing a entire organization together can prove to be a challenge. When you add in another outside vendor, a consultant and multiple internal teams and a 2 week deadline -it's a borderline miracle! The team at Plenty was able to coordinate a project with massive organizational impact and ensure it was succinct, smooth and the end results were just what we needed."

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