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Trainings, testimonials, and discussions to inspire you to unlock growth for your community, your organization, and yourself. 

Autumn Equinox 2018


A guided meditation for the 2018 Autumn Equinox. Pull up a chair and reflect on balance, transition, and growth.


An Introduction to Lantern


An overview of Lantern, Plenty's three-day leadership retreat for idealists like you!


An Introduction to Lumeria


Join us at HeartSpace in Park City, Utah for Lumeria, Plenty's wellbeing retreat. Explore right relationship with your body, mind and soul. It's wellbeing for your whole being. 


A New Year Is Upon Us


It's time to shine our light! A short poem we published on January 1, 2018. May it inspire you any time of any year. 

Wellbeing, Idealism

Winter Solstice 2017


We recorded this this 30-minute celebration of mindfulness, meditation, and intention on December 21, 2017. Find a quiet place and bring an open heart.

Wellbeing, Idealism

A Winter Solstice Poem


We published this poem in December 2017 to celebrate the Winter Solstice. We still get chills when we listen to it. We hope it encourages you to slow down, to calm, and to be. 

Wellbeing, Idealism

Perspectives on Lantern


A short introduction to Lantern, Plenty's three-day leadership retreat, told from the viewpoint of three of our graduates. 


An Exploration of the Five Keys


From the very hot, very sweaty main stage of the 2017 Classy Collaborative comes this overview of our Five Keys of Growth. Take the assessment and then listen in!

What Is Growth?


An introduction to Plenty's view of growth and the components of revenue, impact, and fulfillment. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

The Congruency Gap


Looking at the gap between how organizations and leaders express themselves internally versus externally. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

Wellbeing in Work and Life


Why wellbeing matters, and how fulfillment connects to revenue and impact. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

Abundance Versus Scarcity


The role that funding plays in organizational growth – and how to unlock it. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

The Paradigm Shift


Why authenticity matters: the shift we're undergoing as people and as a planet. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

Values and Alignment


The role of passion in leadership, strategy, and life. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

About Passion


Passion and why it matters to growth. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

Why Alignment Matters


One of the biggest impediments to organizational growth is misalignment. From the 2017 Classy Collaborative. 

Lantern Profile: Craig Sondalle


SenterGroup CEO Craig Sondalle discusses Lantern and his experience partnering with Plenty.

Lantern Profile: Cindy Jones-Nylan


Brite Dandelion CMO Cindy Jones-Nylan shares her thoughts about Lantern, Plenty's leadership retreat. 

Lantern Profile: Adam Kronk


Adam Kronk, the headmaster of La Lumiere, an renown private high school, talks about his experience at Lantern. 

Lantern Profile: Lindsey Jacobson


Lantern graduate Lindsey Jacobson discusses the impact of the retreat and the Plenty team. 

Lantern Profile: Dr. Kathy Ostler


Pediatrician Dr. Kathy Ostler contemplates HeartSpace, Plenty, and the Lantern experience. 

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