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A Full Moon Meditation

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
August 31, 2018

In case you missed the Pisces full moon, take a moment now to tune into the energies that are still upon us. The pure white light ushers in a new cycle of flow after a turbulent period of retrogrades, resistance and change.  This new chapter of possibility and empowerment invites us to tune into our intuition and heart as we imagine what we want to experience in this next cycle of life.  Allow the light within and high above to illuminate your hopes, desires, and divine birthright - all waiting for you to claim. You are that powerful. 

Pause, breathe, and BE.
Inhale the light into your body, mind and soul.
Exhale any darkness, tension, worry, and doubt. 

Listen to the Meditation

Find a comfortable place and click above to listen to this full moon guided meditation. Words by Jennifer Mulholland and music by Jeff Shuck. Produced by Plenty, for you. 

  • What are you hopeful for?
  • What patterns, limiting beliefs and habits are you willing to release?
  • Where can you ask for help?

Illuminate the Light Within

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