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Breath of Fresh Air

July 23, 2019

"I really can't say enough good things about Lantern! Being a student of leadership from a young age and through my professional journey of the last 24yrs, I've been fortunate to learn from some amazing groups of people and institutions I came to Lantern looking to reclaim one of my gifts, clarity. I had been through a challenging stretch personally and professionally, and I was stuck somewhat in survival mode. Lantern helped me get unstuck and regain my clarity! Jeff and Jennifer's approach to leadership is breath of fresh air, literally: they lead by example, through their own vulnerability, authenticity, and inspiration, their organic approach fosters an amazing environment of self discovery. The venue, Heartspace, in beautiful Park City is the perfect stage for this journey. I've been a man on fire in the weeks following Lantern. The difference maker here is while many leadership courses make you feel like you're on elevation mountain while you're there, Lantern will give you the tools to take the mountain with you! Thanks Jennifer and Jeff!!!"

~ Michael J. Orrico, DDS Entrepreneur, Dad, Artist, Writer, Dreamer

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