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The Plenty Team
November 16, 2017

"If there is one word to summarize the Lantern experience, it’s “invitation.”  Each activity began with a sincere “We invite you to…” creating a gentle, encouraging and directed environment.  It was by invitation that we were present and by invitation and curiosity that we remained.  We were quickly invited to move from the realm of the familiar to the lesser known realm of inner observation. Combining what is known with what is unknown synergistically opened a creative door of freedom.. freedom to explore new ideas, freedom to reinforce the current path, freedom to explore possibilities both personal and professional. Jennifer and Jeff exemplified our leadership curriculum by facilitating an opportunity for others to discover their own attributes and goals.  They led us to specific places where we were allowed to go further and deeper or stay within our comfort zone."

 ~ Elise Olonia, Fine Art Services

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