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Invaluable Experience

The Plenty Team
July 10, 2018
"I have been to a LOT of trainings and retreats and I can honestly say that Lantern was one of the most valuable experiences I have every had.  Heartspace is set up to be a comfortable, nurturing and safe place where you can take a deep breath and open up to the entire experience.  The way Jennifer and Jeff co-lead and guide you through using their unique tools was so effortless and fun.  I was able to connect with my own leadership style and really see what was working in my life and what was not and used the tools to make shifts so I could be in line with the things that are most important to me and living my life purpose authentically in ALL aspects of my life.  I had so many take aways and aha moments for myself, it was truly an invaluable experience that I am so grateful for."
 ~ Kristie Buehner

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