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The Possibilities Are Endless

June 28, 2023

"It is tempting to talk about what I gained but the most impactful things for me about Lantern are actually about what I lost, let go of, and what I left behind. I let go of fear, my reservations, my thinking that it had to be hard all the time, and now I am free to walk in my own light with the confidence that I am enough, exactly as I am. I left Lantern lighter in heart, body, and soul with a new mantra, "We've got this, world. The possibilities are endless." Also, when Jen, Jeff, and Sierra say, "We are going to eat some yummy food." They aren't kidding. Be prepared to taste how good healthy living can be. And yes, I mean that about more than just the food."

- June 2023 Lantern Graduate 

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