The Lantern Leadership Retreat


Together with our friends at We Are For Good, we invite you to Lantern, a mindful retreat for conscious leaders who are ready to be re-inspired about how to be.

Waiting for you in beautiful Park City, Utah.
Two Sessions in 2024: 
June 25-28, 2024
October 22-25, 2024

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The entire four-day mindful leadership curriculum • Our proprietary Lantern Leadership Assessment • 360-degree feedback from up to fifteen of your observers • A hardcover copy of Leading With Light • Three breakfast spreads • Three yummy lunches • One candlelight dinner • One evening of appetizers • Yoga • Guided hiking • Guided meditations • Incredible classmates

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June 25-28, 2024
Come see why locals say that people come to Park City for the winter and stay for the summer!
Your classmates will warm you as much as the sun in this session that sells out every year.
FALL 2024
October 22-25, 2024
You'll love America's Favorite Town at the most beautiful time of year!
Let the fall mountain colors captivate you and leave you inspired at the beauty within and the beauty all around.
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What Our Graduates Say

Testimonials from leaders like you.

"Lantern is a fantastic program for conscious leadership. Jennifer and Jeff are two of the most exceptional and thoughtful facilitators I have had the pleasure to work with over the last three decades. The two of them and Sierra created an incredibly impactful program run in a beautifully curated environment that invites love, participation and safety. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking to further develop an understanding of themselves and what is possible in life as well as become a conscious leader."
Ron Jackenthal
Founder, Live Like Sam Foundation
"The Lantern Retreat was highly impactful. I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect, explore and further define my passion, purpose and possibility. The retreat offered a unique combination of thoughtful exercises, inspiring time in nature, and support from fellow Lantern participants. The safe and supportive environment of HeartSpace created a chance to slow down and connect. I walked away with new perspectives, new friends, and immense gratitude."
Jane Saccaro
Jane Saccaro
Executive Coach and Consultant
"If you are feeling that you need a pause, a change, a shift, or a breathe of fresh air - Lantern is calling you. The Plenty team facilitate a vibrant experience for you to explore and further define how to live each day authentically and intentionally. The friendships I made at Lantern are sure to last a lifetime and I am a better person, co-worker, friend, and leader because of the days spent at Heartspace."
Lantern Headshot
Bryan Funk
Sr. Marketing Manager, Virtuous
"The Lantern experience was so wonderfully diverse! HeartSpace has such a beautiful energy to support mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. The processes Jennifer and Jeff guided us through each day were simple magical in simplicity and absolute effectiveness!!”
Emily Drown
Emily Drown
Global Partner at Boscage Holdings
“You will not find better leaders like Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck anywhere.  Their transformative methods are groundbreaking and get right to the heart of what is truly needed in this world today.  Any individual, no matter where they are in their life today can use Lantern as a life changing experience to propel them forward in their life.  Leaders in any industry will find tremendous personal growth that will in turn effect growth in all areas of their business."
Kathi Forbes
Kathi Forbes
“This was much more than leadership development. This was an inspirational, moving, and joyful journey of self-discovery.”
David McShae
David McShea
Executive Director at Alzheimer's Association
“Lantern is a revolutionary approach to proper, passionate, meaningful leadership that helped me open to the leader I want to be. I really got to the core of my leadership. What are my passions and what does it look like for me to bring that forth? It was worth every moment. It was truly transformative."
Dr. Kathy Ostler
Dr. Kathy Ostler
Primary Care Physician and Pediatrician
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