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Episode 13: The Raftingcast

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
September 1, 2020

We recently took time off with our families to enjoy the fleeting days of summer before school starts again. And as it turns out we each spent time rafting - returning  to work full of juicy metaphors, fun stories, and the analogies we love to use to help conscious leaders, like you. 

When you are on a river - you can't control the current. Instead of working against it, you have the ability to follow its flow. Notice the forces in your life - at home, in relationship, or at work - where are you meeting resistance and where can you realign yourself to find ease?

Our society teaches us that you have to push to prove. What if we let go and flow with the current? Although it's contradictory to what we are taught, nature has grand lessons for us if we attune ourselves to them.

Join us for this flowing conversation about how the current is taking us to the places we are meant to go. 


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