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Four Mindfulness Reads In Times of Covid-19

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
April 7, 2020

We value consciousness – the state of wakefulness, awareness, and choice. In these times of uncertainty, conscious leaders are being called to rise up, to lead from the heart, to speak from the center, and act with truth.

What that looks like and sounds like may be different for each one of us. Right now, we feel the call to slow down, to quiet the noise, and to find our own sense of center amid the increasing bustle around us. 

Here are four of our favorite reads that have helped us slow down and become intentional with our thoughts and choices. They are worth reading or listening to now. 

The One Life Were GivenThe One Life We're Given by Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo is one of our favorite authors. He's a poet, a writer, and a truth teller. This is not a book you read straight through – read a short chapter each morning and reflect on it all day long. He's even included thoughtful questions that accompany each theme. 


Comfortable with UncertaintyComfortable with Uncertainty, by Pema Chodran

Pema – the wise punky monk. This gem of a book is worth reading any time, but is especially relevant now. She gently guides you into exploring your own fear and emerging on the other side. She shares practical tools to help you center and calm regardless of what is happening around you. 


The Surrender ExperimentThe Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

Michael Singer takes you through his personal journey that models a way for letting go. What would happen if you were able to completely surrender your control? This book will inspire you to turn your faith towards the Universe or whatever higher power you believe in. 


Earth Warriors Oracle Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

For our fourth selection, we've chosen a different type of book. Alana Fairchild is the author of our favorite card decks and we've had the privilege to do workshops with her. We use these cards during our morning rituals to hear our souls speak. You can pick a card at any time of day to help guide your next step, answer a question, or commune with the Universe. This deck will make you feel connected to the earth, it's animals, and all life. The artwork is spectacular too. 

What is inspiring you to mindfulness right now? We'd love to know. Whatever it is, we're sending you wishes of health, safety, and most of all, peace. 

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