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Wellbeing in Work and Life

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
November 28, 2017

The pace of life is increasing exponentially. Our schedules are full, we are pulled in a multitude of directions, and stress levels are high. Stress is real. Stress is damaging. Stress is hurtful.

In our work with idealists, wellbeing is one of the most important factors to fulfilling growth. We have to slow down and take care of our whole-selves.  When we are activating our birthright to be healthy, happy, and whole, we we are more able to keep our stress in check and create the lives we were born to live.

In the first of a series of videos recorded at this past summer's Classy Collaborative, Plenty’s co-leaders, Jeff Shuck and Jennifer Mulholland, discuss the importance of wellbeing for yourself, your organization, and your happiness. 

Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck, Co-Leaders of Plenty discuss the importance wellbeing in work and life at the Classy Collaborative in Boston in June 2017.

To learn more about how you can nourish your body, mind and soul in 2018, check out Lumeria, Plenty's new wellbeing retreat for idealists like you, by clicking below.

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