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There Is Plenty For Everyone

Jeff Shuck
December 2, 2013

Over the last decade we’ve all experienced a profound lesson in scarcity. We’ve seen how perilous freedom is, and lived through the costs of trying to protect it. We’ve watched our tenuous relationship with nature come to a breaking point, in some cases, right before our eyes. And we’ve traversed the most difficult economic times in nearly 100 years. The wealthiest have been stretched while the poorest among us have been torn apart.

Nowhere has the impact been more visible than the nonprofit sector. With thousands of new nonprofits created each year and financial resources more limited than ever before, the sector has done its best simply to tread water the last five years. And for most organizations, it was the best we all could do to hunker down and protect what we had. Traditional fundraising wells appear to be running dry while organizations dependent on the government and corporate partnership are more endangered than ever before.

The prevailing question seems to be, “Is there enough to go around?”

We believe it is time for a new question. While the nonprofit space may need to evolve with the world around it, we are experiencing a technological and social revolution that stands to power profound social change. That change extends far beyond tax status and into the ways we view our place in the world. And though there are skeptics warning that the safest place is still inside the bunker, there is a new global, impact-oriented outlook evolving – and there are powerful new tools we can use to harness it.

We are proud to count ourselves among the optimists. In our work at Plenty we hope to help you create more change from your many constituents.

The question isn’t, “Is there enough to go around?” The question is, “Are we willing to work to unlock the abundant potential all around us?”

We’re willing. Let’s do it together.

Peer-to-peer fundraising networks can unlock abundance for your organization. Download our free resource, "The Family Tree of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising" to learn more about this expansive dynamic.

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