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A 2019 Spring Equinox Meditation

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
March 21, 2019

The spring equinox couldn't come at a better time. In this age of extremes – polar opposite opinions, intense partisan politics, acts of kindness juxtaposed with unfathomable hate – it seems like there's more that divides us than unites us. The spring equinox brings a fresh perspective. 

As the day and night briefly stand in equal relationship to one another, we are invited to find balance within the extremes inside and out. It's no accident that this spring equinox occurs during a super full moon in Libra, the sign of balance.  

We're not meant to do it all at once. We're not built to exhaust ourselves in bouncing from one commitment to another. This spring equinox reminds us that it is okay to say, "No" – to slow down and to find peace within the extremes. 

May the light of the full moon on this spring equinox clear away the distractions, quiet the noise, and help you release what is in your way. May you attune to springtime, the season of beginnings that ushers in new growth, fresh perspectives, and blossoms in many forms. May you find balance in your becoming as you know and experience your deepest desires, inside and out.

Find a comfortable space and grab a pen and paper. Then click below to enjoy our spring equinox meditation

Listen to the Meditation

Words by Jennifer Mulholland and music by Jeff Shuck
Produced by
Plenty, for you. 

2019 Spring Equinox

Pause, breathe, BE.

Click below to listen to the meditation. 

Listen to the Meditation

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