Business Meeting Meditation

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August 13, 2021
If presence is our super power, why wouldn't we put more energy into bringing our presence into business? After all, presence increases productivity. Presence increases performance. Presence is the path to peace and to prosperity. Presence benefits your people and your business.
In our fast paced world that values productivity and performance, many of us have bought into an unconscious cultural conditioning that more is better. Busy-ness is often wrapped up in our sense of worthiness. The busier we are the more productive we are. The more productive we are, the more valuable we are. Before we know it, our calendars are filled with back-to-back meetings with no time or space in between to even go the bathroom, no less decompress and transition from one subject to another!
Our presence is constantly hijacked and all too often we jump from one distraction to another. That sounds like a recipe for burnout. Sound familiar? It does to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰
There is another way to live your day. Here are a few tips to experiment with:
  1. Build in more space and transition time for yourself in between meetings. You can decline invitations that don't seem worth your precious time and attention or post-pone them to another week. Creating more space in your day โ€“ space in between your meetings โ€“ helps you open to receive the insights and creativity that are wanting to find you. But, you have to be available and open to receive them.
  2. Create a recurring meeting or a stand-alone meeting with yourself. Create some literal breathing space. Get outside into nature and let your mind naturally wander. Give your mind permission to not have to work on anything or solve any problem or process anything. Give your mind the assignment to simply observe the beauty all around. Give your mind some space.

  3. Do something that lights you up, that brings you joy, that helps you breathe a little deeper, and puts an inner and outer smile on your face. Space relaxes us and opens us. Space satisfies and when we are satisfied within, we are able to more easily create satisfaction for our teams, our staff, our clients, and our company.

  4. Start your meetings with meditation. It's not difficult and it's not woo-woo. It works. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The intent is to create the space within the meeting for everyone to fully arrive โ€“ to bring their super power of presence to the meeting at hand. By simply inviting your team, colleagues, and even clients to arrive with you, you lead others into bringing their full attention into the meeting. And, when we bring our full attention to the present moment, we have higher quality exchanges and outcomes.

  5. Set your intention. When we combine our arrival of attention with a shared intention for the meeting, we propel all of our collective power to create the outcome we seek. What we attend to grows, what we focus on forms. So, why not use business as a vehicle to align the head and hearts of your staff in a shared intention for the meeting? You have that choice and it's easy to do.
To get you started, here's a meditation you can use at your next meeting. Or, use it as inspiration to create your own. Then, watch what happens!

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