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Episode 16: Distilling Conscious Leadership

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
September 22, 2020

Distillation is a process that takes us from complexity to simplicity – discovering the true essence in form. For one of our favorite clients, Beam Suntory, distillation isn't just a metaphor. It's the core of their entire business. 

In business and in life, there is power in slowing down and getting to the essence of our purpose, our strategy, and our goals. When we slow down to reduce the noise and boil down the complexities, we unlock something more concentrated and more focused. Being patient isn't doing nothing. In fact, having patience is an active stage of the distillation process.

Join us as we distill conscious leadership and get to the heart of strategy with Andrew Mondzelewski, North American Marketing Director for House of Suntory.


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Conscious Conversations With Leaders Like YouAndrew Mondzelewski Headshot copyAndrew Mondzelewski is the Director of Marketing for House of Suntory brands in North America at Beam Suntory. House of Suntory is a group of brands from Japan including award winning Yamazaki, Hakashu and Hibiki brand Japanese Whisky, as well as Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky, Roku Craft Japanese Gin, and Haku Craft Japanese vodka.

He has been at Beam Suntory for 4 years, having also worked on Knob Creek and Maker's Mark bourbon whisky brands. Andrew has a passion for finding winning strategies to help connect brands to consumers (and in the case of spirits, also bartenders).

In his own words, " I'm very proud to work with Plenty, utilizing their Meridian process, to chart a strategic path for Maker's Mark to better connect the brand values with the values consumers care most about, and linking to the many environmental initiatives the brand/distillery has piloted."

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