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Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
September 17, 2020
We've been adapting to a new routine the last few weeks as our children all venture back to school. Jeff has a child in college now, taking classes virtually in Bloomington, Indiana, as well as three kids doing virtual learning at home. Jennifer has two kids doing in-person learning in Park City, Utah, albeit with masks, modifications to schedules, and lots of distancing.
In every case we've been reminded once again of the trap of thinking in terms of "normal." It's tempting to think, "We just wish things would get back to normal for our kids" – but the thing is, for them, this is normal. This is what they know now.
We can see that the more we let them feel and sit in this place, the more they step into their natural resilience. Their natural state is adaptation. We adults are the ones who hold on too tightly to how things used to be. 
As our kids have settled into their routines, we can see them all becoming calmer and yes, even happier. It's so wonderful to have that daily reminder that we're prepared for whatever changes are coming. We're made for these times. So are our kids.
And so are you.
We're all students in the same school: the school of life. Classes are in session. Take good notes and let us know what you're learning.
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Embracing Your Inner Teacher

The Plenty of Coronacare community has crowdsourced their favorite educational resources for their kiddos during these times and we hope they help you embrace your own inner teacher.

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