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Episode 30: There's Always Something Wonderful - A Life of Purpose

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
April 20, 2021
What does it feel like to live your purpose? What does it mean, as Jennifer likes to say, to "live on blueprint"? And how do we know if we're on track or off track?
Today we are joined by Sarah Coniglio, Founder and Chief Social Impact Photographer of Project WonderFULL. Sarah took the leap to follow her dreams and leave her full-time job to start her own company committed to documenting the good in this world through photography. It’s a wonderful conversation that will leave you energized to pursue your passions — and inspired to notice the beauty all around us. 
Many of us have experienced the internal tension that comes from doing something we don't like to do, or from saying something we don't believe to be true. If we aren't careful, we can spend our whole lives on autopilot – ignoring the things we are truly passionate about. Stuck on the hamster wheel, we move from meeting to meeting, job to job, decade to decade following what we're told success looks like. 
Conscious leadership means waking up to your own courage and leading your own life. And when we do that, we realize that the "risky" thing isn't to do what we want to do — the risky thing is that we ever wasted our time on something we didn't fully love in the first place. 
We each have values and passions that are unique, and those passions are clues that can lead us to the life we dream of. When we slow down to listen the whispers within we are often guided to something bigger than we could ever imagined. 
Tune in as we explore:
  • [6:50] Taking the leap into entrepreneurship 
  • [17:50] Finding the confidence within to follow your passions
  • [29:20] Knowing you are worth your dreams
  • [38:00] Redefining success
  • [43:03] Navigating the unknown 


And that's a wrap on episode 30! It's been a wonderful (no pun intended!) journey so far, and the best is yet to come. We are so grateful for your support. If you like what you hear, please rate and review the podcast. And, please share the episode – it really makes a huge difference. 

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Sarah Coniglio

Sarah Coniglio is a social impact photographer and creator of Project WonderFULL. She’s traveled to over 25 countries in the world capturing their beauty with her camera. 

While traveling, Sarah has also worked with social impact organizations utilizing her 18 years of experience in the fundraising industry to help them grow and gain awareness through photojournalism. 

With travel predominantly halted in 2020, Sarah got up close and personal with the place she calls home: New Jersey. It was here that she realized you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find beauty; the photos she took during this discovery process, form the collection of images in her book, “There’s Always Something WonderFULL.”

As travel begins to open back up, Sarah has embarked on her next venture to travel  throughout all of the 50 United States, where she will continue to work with amazing people making an impact in the world as well as check off a bucket list item of visiting and photographing all 63 of the national parks. She plans to tell the beautiful stories of the organizations and the experiences from being on the road in her podcast, called “Podcast WonderFULL”. 

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