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Episode 38: Why the Winter Solstice Is Relevant to Business

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
December 16, 2022

In our latest episode, we consider the winter solstice, its meaning, and its relevance to our busy, often hectic lives. Does the solstice have a place in our technologically sophisticated world? And particularly, in business?

For thousands of years, humans have practiced tuning into the rhythms and cycles of nature. The winter solstice – which occurs around December 21st – is in many ways the best example of this connection to the natural world. The shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the beginning of winter and has been celebrated by cultures throughout history.

In ancient times, the winter solstice was seen as a time of rebirth and renewal, as the days would begin to get longer after the solstice. Many cultures held celebrations and rituals to mark the occasion. The ancient Romans, the ancient Egyptians, the Native American Hopi tribe, and the Chinese all celebrated the solstice with major festivals of gift-giving, gratitude, and celebration.

Moments like the winter solstice invite us to create space for ourselves, our thoughts, our dreams, and our relationships. It's a powerful time to pause, reflect, and contemplate what we’ve accomplished the past year, what we’ve outgrown, and what we want to manifest for the year ahead. It’s a sacred time that can help us evolve into the conscious leaders we seek to be.

As such, it's a great opportunity for executives, managers, parents, and leaders of all kinds to tune in, too. The modern holiday season all-too-often becomes a time to speed up, do more, and spend more. The solstice reminds us that we’re connected to each other and to forces greater than ourselves. We can take a moment to get off the hamster wheel and stop. We can take refuge in the belly of darkness on the longest night of the year. That refuge helps us become more aware, aligned, and intentional with our lives. 

The solstice is a day of hope. As we experience the darkest night of the year, we can trust and know that the lightest days are ahead.

In this episode, we expand on what the winter solstice is, why it is important to us, and how it connects to leaders in business. 

Here's what you'll hear:

  • A brief update on our book!
  • Why we celebrate the winter solstice and what it means to us
  • How the winter solstice connects to business
  • Ways to celebrate the winter solstice as a conscious leader, including tools, rituals, and a meditation

Thank you for tuning in, listening, and sharing this podcast with others. 🙏

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Winter Solstice Meditation

Celebrate the Winter Solstice 

Enjoy a Winter Solstice Meditation to help you slow down, pause, and reflect, along with our free Winter Solstice Guide with resource and rituals to help conscious leaders better understand and celebrate the solstice.

Celebrate the Solstice

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