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Episode 44: Align To Your Light This Summer Solstice

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
June 7, 2023

All month long, we're preparing for the upcoming summer solstice. On today's episode of Plenty For Everyone, we explore the significance of the solstice and how it can serve as a catalyst for reflection, growth, and most of all, alignment in your life and your leadership.

For thousands of years, civilizations have celebrated the solstice. Many of the most impressive ancient structures were built to align – literally, to line up – with the position of the sun on this day. For our ancestors, the solstice was a time to celebrate hard work, give thanks for the gifts of life, and get in right relationship with family and neighbors. 

In our modern world, you can check the position of the sun with any iPhone app. But aligning your soul with gratitude isn't always as easy! In our fast-paced world, the solstice is an invitation to pause and reflect to set things right. It encourages us to notice and celebrate what's important to us – and calls us to take the next step to bring forth what wants to come forth within us.

The solstice also offers a wonderful blend of ancient wisdom and fascinating science. During the episode, we consider both – and reflect on creating an alignment between nature and technology that is all-to-often missing in our lives. 

Join us for a conversation about what alignment means to conscious leaders, how the solstice can encourage you forward, and how you can make this summer your best yet! 

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Align To You Light A Summer Solstice Workshop

Summer Solstice Workshop 

Join Jennifer Mulholland, Principal of Plenty Consulting, and other local conscious leaders at HeartSpace for inspired connection, conscious conversation, and mindful reflection on this auspicious day of light.

June 21, 2023 • 8:00-10:00am • HeartSpace, Park City, Utah


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