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Episode 40: Our Feedback on Feedback

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
March 3, 2023
"May we give you a bit of feedback?"
There's perhaps no phrase that can tighten up the chest of even the most self-aware leader than hearing someone say, "Um, can I offer you some feedback?"
At our Lantern Leadership Retreat we teach that feedback is a gift, but sometimes feedback sure feels like the scratchy lime green wool socks you got from your great aunt at the holidays – the gift you didn't want and can't give away!
But the truth is, we're surrounded every day by feedback from our loved ones, coworkers, our bodies, and nature. When we can get our heads and hearts aligned, opening ourselves up to feedback really opens us up to the world – all of its beauty, wonder, and perspectives. And it doesn't have to make you cringe! 
Tune in as we explore the courage to be vulnerable, the benefit of shared intention, the role of choice in feedback, and how to take ownership of your own needs for affirmation and control. 

  We hope you'll tune in –  and t hanks for reading, listening, and sharing this podcast with others. 🙏 We love your feedback! ;-) 



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