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Episode 39: The Best Intentions

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
February 21, 2023
Well, we intended our first episode of the new year to hit the airwaves in January. We also intended it to cover a completely different topic. But in classic Jen and Jeff fashion, we're strolling into 2023 fashionably late with a conversation about the power of intention in all its forms. We couldn't have intended it any better! 
Join us for a discussion about the magic – and utility – of intention and how to harness it for your year, your workplace, and your day. 

Among the ideas we discuss:

    • How setting an intention for the year can help you clarify your goals.
    • Why being intentional about your day can help you create the balance you need. 
    • How being intentional about saying "no" can free up open space to help you do what you really want to. 
    • A few habits we use to be more intentional with our time, our families, and our work. 

We hope you'll tune in! And thanks for reading, listening, and sharing this podcast with others. 🙏

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