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Episode 9: Adjusting Your Aperture

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
August 4, 2020
Our minds operate much like the aperture of a camera. When the aperture is open, our focus is broad and wide. When the aperture is small, our focus is fixed and constrained.
Adjusting our own aperture shapes our ability to see more. And when we see more, we become more of who we really are.  
Tune into this powerful, uplifting, and juicy conversation with coach and mentor, Barbara Patterson, as we explore the possibilities that emerge when we choose to open our aperture - to be more open, hopeful, resilient, and awake.

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Conscious Conversations With Leaders Like You.Barb Patterson HeadshotBarb Patterson has lived and worked in Europe and the US, and has over 20 years experience coaching and working globally as an internal executive and outside consultant. Her diverse portfolio includes work with businesses, their leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants in various fields of work.

Her previous experience as an executive in a large global organization gave her a solid grasp of what it takes to lead in a fast-paced, demanding culture. Responsible for talent management, executive development, change management and employee engagement, she understands the nature of corporate organizations and challenges faced by their leaders.

In addition to building a successful consulting and coaching business, she mentors and trains other coaches and consultants to build their own practices, and teach the same principles that were the catalyst for her own transformation. 

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