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Financial Wellbeing Tools for Change Makers

The Plenty Team
September 1, 2016

As a change maker, you may be someone who looks at money as a necessary evil, a distraction from your service driven life. While this mindset may be prevalent in those across the social good space, it's simply not true. Your financial wellbeing is just as important for being a change maker as is emotional or physical health. In order for you to truly make a difference, it is important for you to understand that you will have so much more to give others if you learn to have a healthy relationship with money and tend to your needs first. “Put your own oxygen mask on first,” so to speak. 

In our fourth installment of the Wellbeing for Changemakers series, I’d like to share three key ways for you to develop and build a healthy, prosperous financial approach while creating a thriving relationship with money.

1. Understanding money as pure energy

Science has proven that everything is energy and the way we interact with our environment, day-to-day requirements, and exchanges will ultimately create our external experience and reality.

There is a Universal Law called “The Law of Attraction” that is recognized by many new thought leaders, including scientists, scholars, students of life, and mystics. The law states that "like attracts like." By focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. In other words, what you focus on grows. 

You know that having wealth isn’t just about “purchasing power” or “acquiring stuff.” It’s about having freedom to take care of your personal business without being stressed about where the next buck is coming from. It’s about being able to take care of yourself at a very deep level. Most importantly, it’s about having enough to share with loved ones and give to the charities or causes you are passionate about.

One way to keep your focus on attracting financial abundance into your life and your wallet is to begin creating a collage of images that represent what your life would look like if you had as much money as you wanted or needed. Cut out images from magazines or old favorite greeting cards with inspiring pictures and quotes. Make sure they activate the feeling of having the freedom and wealth to create what you want. It doesn’t necessarily need to only represent financial riches. Glue your pictures in a collage fashion on a board or a page in a notebook. Look at it every day. Feel it as if you already have all that is on the page. This practice will help you activate the positive attraction of what you want. You will begin to see proof after a few weeks of diligently practicing this method of visualization.

2. Identify and clarify your “Money Story”

You have several programs that were installed into your human supercomputer sometime between your time in the womb and the age of 10. One of the programs can actually dictate your relationship with money. And guess what? It’s time to update the software, people.

What was your upbringing like? What beliefs were formed around financial abundance due to the experiences of your youth and family interactions with money? Identify your money story and beliefs around it by excavating any past experiences that may have impacted what you currently hold to be true. Make a list of the memories you hold regarding money: having it or not having it. How did those experiences make you feel? Try to be brutally honest with yourself about any beliefs you are holding onto today that come from your past. 

Once you have excavated your beliefs around money, begin to look at them and decide which ones are serving you and which ones are just a story you have allowed to take hold as the truth. Start recreating your story with money in a way that will be abundant and nurturing rather than limiting and scarce.

3. Learn the art of receiving 

flower_hands.jpgBeing a change maker usually means you are a “giver.” Often times “givers” don’t know how to open up and actually receive. How do you receive abundance in your life? Compliments? Gifts? Feedback? Love? What is your reaction when a gift shows up for you in one way or another? How do you react? Do you graciously accept it and really let it in from a place of appreciation and deservedness or do you resist and question the gesture? It’s important to note that the energy you project in the receiving process directly affects the amount of abundance you call into your life. Resistance is futile. Open your heart and graciously let in the good things.

Another key way to practice receiving is to give to yourself. Ask your heart what it desires and do your best to honor it. Don’t edit it. Do what you can to take tender, loving care of yourself. It’s not selfishness when you identify what you really want and desire in your life. It’s self-care and the more your honor what you want with appreciation, the more the universe will reward you with positive reinforcement.

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