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5 Keys to Wellbeing for Change Makers

The Plenty Team
May 3, 2016

If you work in the nonprofit world or another service industry you spend most of your time thinking about and focusing on others. While this is admirable, it’s important to remember that the only way you can truly serve others and show up completely is if you make “you” your number one priority. In this series you will discover how to go deep into self-care so you can show up and bring your best self to everything you do.

There are five key areas in maintaining a healthy, fulfilling life for those of us living in the western world. Each area is important and yet, there will always be one that is stronger than the rest, weaker than the rest, and stabilizing for others. The key is to pay attention to each one in order to create a strong working foundation for your happiness, wellbeing, and prosperity. The five areas are:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Financial
  5. Spiritual


Let’s face it, if you don’t feel good physically, it’s difficult to accomplish anything in any of the key areas. Taking care of your health is imperative in order to show up as your best self. Physicality encompasses much more than just your body. Being an idealist who believes you can make a difference, you recognize that it takes more than a single focus to create results. In the physical discussion, I will take you on a journey into new and fresh ways of caring for yourself.

 Keys for Physical Shifting:

  • Exercise and joyful movement for your body
  • Pay attention to diet, water, and all other intake as it impacts your overall wellbeing
  • Explore quality sleep practices for optimized vitality
  • Use nature time to deepen connection to the real you
  • Create a positive physical environment in order to thrive


Without mental positive health you can feel like you are simply “going through the motions” in your day-to-day activities. Best self in the house? Not! The mental key is one of the absolute most powerful ways to optimize your wellbeing and impacts every single other key life area. Your thoughts are more powerful than you know. Mental clarity and focus are required for any change maker to make positive inspired action a reality. In the mental discussion, I will guide you through techniques that will assist in creating an expansive mind that can inform rather than paralyze.

Keys for Mental Shifting:


By now, hopefully, you are seeing how closely each “key” is connected for an overall healthy life. Emotions can be triggered by how you feel physically and mentally, but they can also equally impact how you feel in your body and mind. Do you see the importance of paying attention to all aspects and keys in order to achieve wholeness? I hope so!

 Keys for Emotional Shifting:

  • Allow emotions to move through you
  • Understand expanded emotions vs. contracted emotions
  • Engage in emotionally supportive relationships
  • Embrace and express emotion in a healthy way
  • Use love or fear as your compass


This key may seem somewhat out of place since you're addressing the “living” parts of yourself in every other aspect, but without paying attention to your financial wellbeing you're discounting a very important part of everyday life. Without money it is difficult to be in this world as the best version of you because of daily needs, personal freedoms, and western world interaction. Not to mention, if you're in the nonprofit world, you're most likely looking for ways to fund causes important to you. Without paying attention to your own financial wellbeing it will be difficult to create the results you desire for whatever social good missions you support. 

Keys for Financial Shifting:

  • Understand money as energy
  • Harness the Law of Attraction
  • Know your money story
  • Learn the art of receiving


Alright, here is the big kahuna key, people. In our hurried up, nonstop, technological world, you may have found it difficult to recognize what your inner voice is telling you or possibly that you even have an inner voice. Being a spiritual person does not mean you need to be a religious person by any means. Religion works for some, but for most of the seekers who are out there trying to make a difference on the planet, being spiritual means having reverence for life and others and recognizing you are so much more than your physical body. You are not just a body with a spirit. You are a spiritual being having a physical, human experience. Consciousness exists and links everything. Connecting to that underutilized higher part of you can create powerful positive results in all areas of your life.  

Keys for Spiritual Shifting:

  • Discover and activate your internal guidance system
  • Create a daily practice to stay connected
  • Understand love vs. fear
  • Explore “The Four Agreements” as a foundation to spiritual living
  • Be the highest version of you

In the blogs to follow I will dive into each of the “5 Keys for Personal Development” and take you on a journey to a richer version of your life. As positive catalysts in the world, together, we do make a difference, but each of us must first to learn how to become our best in order to be a strong link in this exciting paradigm shift. Let’s do it!

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