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Permission to Thaw

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
May 17, 2022
As we come out of the winter season and the snow begins to fully thaw (although Park City just got a night of May snow!), we are inspired to apply Nature's process of thawing out to our own lives.
All too often, we can get caught up in habitual patterns of thinking, story-telling, and judgment-making that is rigid and cold. We approach life and work from the same place – conditioned from traditions passed down, old family patterns, hardened experiences, and survival cycles that have built up in our lives. 
If we don't check ourselves, we will continue to accumulate, harden, and get what we've always gotten because we do what we've always done.
The invitation of spring is to thaw out – to melt – to soften – to begin anew. 
For many of us, it's easier to thaw out our hearts than it is our minds. Sorting what feelings bring us joy seems to be much easier than doing the same towards our thoughts and beliefs. But what if this process was equally as refreshing and easy? 
This week, join us as we thaw out what thinking is frozen in place. Grab a pen and a journal, or take a walk outside and let nature help you see what thoughts are ready to thaw. 

  • What stories are you tired of reliving and retelling?
  • What beliefs seem to run on a loop and have proven to be unfulfilling?
  • What beliefs are you ready to soften and thaw, so that new possibilities may arrive?
The winter blanket is not meant to hang on forever! Spring always follows and brings with it an invitation to renew. We hope you choose to seize it. It's time to make room. It's time to renew!
Permision to Thaw

Ready to thaw?

Allow this guided meditation to soften you.

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