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The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Jennifer Mulholland
May 13, 2022

"Separation, competition, hierarchy, patriarchy, domination — these are the crumbling foundational elements of old governments, corporations, markets, and ways. These elements represent an old paradigm, no longer sustainable as we rise in our consciousness, vibration, and pace as a planet and species."

When I first wrote that sentence in March 2017, I had no idea that we would all live through five years of political turmoil, climate crises, pandemic, economic hardship, and war that would illustrate my point again and again in so many different ways. 

Collaboration, community, care, harmony, oneness, inclusion — these are the ways of the Aquarian Age. We are living in one of the most powerful shifts humanity has ever gone through — a shift that is calling us into new ways of treating and seeing each other as sisters, brothers, reflections, and peers. A time when we see we are more than our origin, ethnicity, orientation, dogma, or sect. A time when we are invited to recognize that we are part of one human race and asked to honor all life forms. 

Welcome to the rise of the Divine Feminine.

Now, let me be clear, this is not the same as the rise of the woman or a specific gender identity. Yes, many women are rising up and that is awesome - especially given the inequity, inequality, and treatment of the past! But the rising of the Divine Feminine is a rising of the feminine aspects within all of us, no matter what gender or you identify with. We are called to balance the dominant masculine qualities that have been in control for centuries. We are being asked to shift the reliance we've had on our left hemispheres (our analytical, logical, systematic way of thinking) to our right hemispheres (our intuitive, creative, fluid way of feeling). It is a shift from control to surrender, from ego to intuition, from head to heart, from competition to collaboration, and from hierarchy to community. 

Recent research and life experience is showing us that the reliance and use of our right brains is a key contributor to our happiness, relationships, and choices. Success, adaptation, and evolution in today’s ever changing world asks us to participate more fully and use our  on innate ability to integrate both our right feminine brain and left masculine brain, and our head and heart. The health and happiness of global society is being restored by balancing these aspects individually. 

A new generation is coming into age with different, more diverse values that are worth hearing and including. We are being called to develop the ability to hold space where all perspectives and view points can be held with equal value and respect. It is a skill worthwhile and vital for us all to develop and practice.  We only have to look so fart to see that the younger generation leans this direction. Inc. Magazine recently reported that 88% of Millennial workers prefer collaborative environments over competitive ones. Worldwide, regardless of age, we are seeing evidence of human kindness, genuine care, and respect (regardless of view) is possible. We just need to orient our focus and our behavior to seeing and being these traits. It may sound trite or wishful thinking but what if it were that easy?

What I know for sure, is that in order for us to  heal, thrive, and evolve -- we must activate the Divine Feminine power within our hearts. Intellectualizing our way through our problems and trying to control and dominate are short lived and certainly will not sustain our future. 

So how do we nourish the Divine Feminine within us to thrive in this new way? Here are a few tips:

1. Pay attention to how you feel. When you are in someone’s presence, in a conversation, room, or meeting, notice how you are feeling. Are you feeling expanded and open? Or, are you feeling contracted and tense? Your body will tell you exactly what you need to know if you notice it.

2. Trust your gut. Listen to your instincts, your first reaction or that first impulse of insight. Whatever you call it, trust your senses even if you don’t understand them or if they don't initially make sense. Follow the pull. Notice where you lean. Trust the quiet whisper. You have innate wisdom, right now, within you — you'll be amazed at what that wisdom can do!

3. Practice curiosity and caring. Ask questions and care about the answer. Put down your cell phone, look people in the eye and bring your full presence and attention to those you are with. Listen to listen not to respond. Then, notice what you hear.

4. Share what’s in your heart. Be more vulnerable than you are comfortable. Go deep. Share what you are feeling with others, even if you can’t explain the what or why. Practice getting comfortable with emotion (energy in motion) moving through you and notice how it is constantly shifting.

5. Uplift. Look for the positive qualities and commonalities with those you meet and share time with. Close the distance with others by looking for what’s wonderful, unique, and beautiful instead of critically searching for what you don’t like about them or what you disagree with. Remember, you can't see that which you're not, so choose what you focus on wisely.

6. Care for yourself. The feminine energies are associated with the role of the mother. Mother yourself with gentleness, unconditional love, and forgiveness. Make yourself a priority and nurture your body, mind, and soul with gentleness, attention, acceptance, and time. 

The Divine Feminine is rising in all of us. But, it's up to us to listen and let it flourish. 

"The Rise of the Divine Feminine" was originally published March 22, 2017. We have updated and refreshed the content. 

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