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The Year of the Heart

Jennifer Mulholland
January 20, 2022
The new year is upon us and the energetics are hopeful. Welcome to the year of the heart!
I've always been interested in the mystical, metaphysical, and magical workings of the universe. Whether it's the alignment of the planets and stars or the meaning behind symbols and numbers, the divine matrix and mystery of connection has consistently captured my attention. Maybe it's because I've always searched for meaning and what you seek, you will find. Or maybe, my curiosity of what lies beneath the surface for what's not easily seen offers a different perspective for the way I see the world. Whatever the case, when I see evidence of connection in the form and formless, I am inspired and in awe.
That may or may not be your thing but I believe we are all searching for connection and meaning in some way or another. We really don't have to look too far to find it. It's all around. 
As we embark on a new year, we are given hope if we look at the numerological meaning of 2022. If you add up the numbers 2+0+2+2 = we get the number 6. Number 6 has the vibration of the heart and resonates with the qualities of unconditional love, harmony, family, and home life.
If we break down the number 2 within the year number, we can learn that itself represents duality, relationships in duos, and the opportunity for collaborative connection. If we combine 2 & 2, we see that the number 22 (also known as the "master builder"), calls us to find harmony in duality and to seek balance within ourselves (where and how we spend our precious time, talent, and resources).  Said more precisely by Ellen Ricks from, “2's have the ability to bring compromise to two very different sides in order to find common ground. This could potentially be a unifying year, which is comforting as we are living in a time where we are pretty divided on so many issues.”
How timely! How hopeful!
Although the opposing forces, duality, polarity, and separation feel stronger than ever, we can harness the intelligence and power of our hearts to melt the divide. And, the only way to do that for our loved ones, our community, our clients, our fellow citizens, and our planet is to practice that unity in polarity with ourselves.
Our hearts yearn for love, intimacy, and holding. Our hearts are the healers. When we can lead with heart, speak from heart, treat with heart, and act with heart, we fortify those expressions with every choice we make. Every choice we make from our hearts creates more harmony in our inner and outer world.
That is the grand invitation of 2022, my friends. 
As we embark on the months to come, 2022 calls us ...
To open and soften our hearts.
To feed love rather than fear.
To question, listen, and observe.
To seek understanding.
To foster common ground.
To nurture ourselves.
To find and cultivate joy.
To believe in and go for our dreams.
To surrender and loosen our grip.
To see beauty in ourselves and all around.
To honor different perspectives.
To elevate our own frequency.
To make peace our priority.
To speak our truth and shine our light.
To live from and with heart.

May this year be your year of receiving, being, and bringing heart.

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