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How Conscious Are You?

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
February 1, 2022

The world is calling us to lead ourselves and others in a different way. Every day we can see evidence that the old system of win-at-all-cost achievement, top-down control, and hierarchical power hasn't worked. It isn't sustainable. And, it's crumbling.

What's the alternative? The alternative is conscious leadership. 

Conscious leaders are awake, aware, and attuned to themselves and the people around them. Conscious leaders focus on people. They don't view people as a means to an end. Conscious leaders foster kindness, collaboration, and co-creation so that their people are seen, heard, and fulfilled, wholly and completely.

How Present Are You?

Leaders can't lead if they are distracted, worried, preoccupied, and stressed.

Moving from meeting to meeting, from email to email, from one device to another isn't a recipe for success -- it's a roadmap to burnout. Conscious leaders value open space. They deliberately practice slowing down to be present with what -- and whom -- is in front of them at the moment. Then, they practice bringing the power of their presence to themselves. 

What Do You Notice?

When you are present, you see more. You hear more. You feel more. Presence is the ultimate performance-enhancing tool. The conscious leader is right here, right now, and so can see and sense opportunities that others can't. The conscious leader isn't carried away into drama, stress, and false crisis. Conscious leaders know why to step back, how to listen, and when to act.

Where Are You Aligned?

An awake and aware leader brings their whole self to everything they do. After all, we don't live "professional" and "personal" lives. We live one life. Conscious leaders trust their intuition. The conscious leader knows when things feel on or off – they choose what works for them. They lean into what brings them joy; they step away from what contracts them. Conscious leaders align their lives with their deepest callings, and help others do the same. 

It's tempting to think that when we set big goals, the people around us will step up. Sometimes that works, but more often than not, the reverse is true: when people thrive, performance follows.

Practicing conscious leadership is the practice of being human. We're not perfect. Life is messy and it is filled with ups and downs. But there is a lot more good and magic in the world than we're told to see. The more we orient our focus to the goodness inside, to the quiet whispers urging us to lean in or lean out, the more we can find peace on path of life. And, instead of having life happen to us, we step into our power to co-create the life we deserve, the life we desire, and the life that is calling us forth. 

Now, this may not speak to all of you, but if you find yourself nodding your head as you read, we invite you to join us on the journey of conscious leadership at HeartSpace in beautiful Park City, Utah. You can read more about the sacred space we've created for you to rise and thrive below, thanks to a nice article published  on TownLift.

Let's go deep. Let's help each other shine. Let's tap into our given powers to manifest the most magnificent year ahead. 

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