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Preparing For Something Better Than Normal

Jeff Shuck
March 24, 2020

In case you have missed it, for the last several weeks we've been updating our common-sense, plain-talk Coronavirus dashboard. Every day, our analysis gets more direct and our advice gets more blunt. 

Take it seriously. Stay home. Be prepared.

In fact, for over ten days we've been saying, "Be prepared." A few days ago someone asked, "What does that mean?"

What do we mean when we say "be prepared"?

Physically, we mean to do what you've probably already done: Get a couple of weeks of food on-hand; avoid travel, and stay at home; think through the logistics of life at home if this becomes more than a weekend fling, which it is. Try to rearrange your home a bit to be more conducive to a new routine.

But we also mean "prepare" mentally and spiritually. It means finding a new calm. It means being informed but not swallowing everything you hear. It means steadying yourself for the fact that this may last for a lot longer than a couple of weeks.

For those of you who live alone, it means adapting to more quiet – but holy smokes, for those of us with families, it means adapting to being on top of each other. It means sitting down with family members to create some protection for personal space and private time.

And it means finding a way to accept that life is changing, and that you are going to be okay. Things may not "go back to normal" after this, and honestly, maybe we don't want them to. Maybe we need to change the way that we as a society do things, and it sure seems like we're going to have to whether we want to our not.

It's natural to wish that things would go back to normal. But maybe it's time to work for something better. "Normal" is what got us here, and honestly, "normal" doesn't work any more. We all deserve something better, more abundant, more peaceful, more healthy, and more caring.

Now is the time to prepare for something better. You aren't dependent on the old way – you are protected and needed and wanted and you have a role to play in this great big world.

We need you.

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