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How Care is at the Core of Business Strategy

Jennifer Mulholland
August 10, 2022

When it comes to tackling purpose-driven strategy, conscious leaders need to clarify what they - and their teams - truly care about.  

When we care enough to listen and extract the unique cares of the people we lead, we participate in a shift of our own unconscious, top-down, and hierarchical approach to one that is collaborative and inclusive. 

Everyone cares about something. As conscious leaders, it is up to us to listen to the wisdom in the collective, to harness the cares from people in the room. When we do so, we can find the common ground and create alignment in the organization. The result is more connection - more connection to oneself, more connection to one another, and more connection to the cause or business mission. 

Here are a few questions you can ask your team to help them create a deeper connection to their work and the purpose of the business. 

  • What matters to you?
  • What better world can you see?
  • Where do you light up in work and life?
  • What causes do you really care about and why?

When a leader asks and listens to what their people truly care about, they light a torch that infuses energy and fuel into the organization.  Clarifying what people care about acts like an internal ignition switch for team performance, business growth, and impact. 

You see, care is at the heart of our passions. Each one of us cares uniquely about something. We can't manufacture it - it just is.  As conscious leaders, it's up to us to ask, listen, and align on what our people authentically care about. It's up to us to ground and give opportunities for our team members to channel those passions into their roles and jobs. When we do, intrinsic motivation follows and momentum results. It's really that simple.

When employees and leaders feel heard and personally aligned to the purpose of the organization or the renewed purpose, they feel a part of something greater than themselves. It's how most of us are wired - wired for connection, wired for meaning, and wired to matter. 

When we create business environments for people to channel their cares, we foster greater connection and feed a deep need to contribute more fully to the work at hand. Image what the world would look life if we all did that!


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