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Who Has The Time?

The Plenty Team
December 1, 2013

Who-Has-the-TimeDo you wake up and your first thought is “No way I am going to get everything done I need to today”? I’m pretty sure it was the book The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist that pointed out to me that this means your very first thought is one of scarcity. Guilty, and then some. At least now I am aware enough to talk myself out of the panic and remind myself that, yes, the important things will get done, and the rest can wait.


The self talk is not effective enough to not have me pushing through the good stuff of the morning, the hugging and tickling and cajoling for TV from my daughters, in order to get to my desk to start work. Thankfully, this awareness is enough to let me see that as I am trying to rush making breakfast for the girls and get them on their way, they are maneuvering to have 5 more minutes of play. I am trying to get to work as fast as possible, they are trying to play as much as possible. Their way makes more sense and on the very best of mornings has me pushing back work and playing whatever game suits their fancy.

When I am embracing abundance, goodness ensues!

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