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Your Feelings Are The Clue

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
June 25, 2020

We're engineered to feel. Whether it is pain, sorrow, grief, or joy, our feelings reflect our state of mind at the time. They are also a key to a deeper door that our analytic minds can't always access. In this short video, we explore the role our feelings have in our lives and our leadership.

As Scott Kelly, one of our dear friends and a fellow coach shares, "What would happen if pain was a part of your health system?" In other words, what if pain, fear, anxiety, and other feelings are a sign our bodies are working the way they are designed to? Negative feelings, like positive ones, are designed to give us information about what works for us.

When you step into that way of thinking, you see that your body is working exactly as it should. It is working to alert you to something deeper.

The practice is to work with this intelligence rather than push it aside, try to fix it, label it as bad, or medicate it away. When we receive signs and signals from our bodies, we are being given cues to pay attention.

  • What is the feeling telling us?
  • Where is it pointing?
  • Is there an underlying issue we need to address?

Feeling is awakening. As we awaken we see more. As we awaken, we feel more. As we awaken, we grow.

Take a moment to witness your feelings. They are a part of you. They are not you.

You're more than your feelings.
You're more than your thoughts.
You're more than your pain.
You're more than your anxiety.

You're not off. You're you.


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