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A Wish For 2020

Jeff Shuck
January 2, 2020

To see what is there
In its original color
In its primary hue
Without any cover
Without the bias
Of father or mother
May we see what is there

To hear what is there
In the timeless of tone
In the sounding of horns
In the primeval drone
To hear if the love
Is true or alone
May we hear what is there

To speak what is there
After words are all broken
After all one could say
Has finally been spoken
To say what is left
Once that heart has been opened
May we speak what is there

To know what is there
In its original plan
In its basic design
Of Eternal Hand
Without intervention
Of woman or man
May we know what is there

To feel what is there
In the purest of states
On the highest of summits
On the deepest of straits
To feel what it is
Without the myths we create
May we feel what is there

To sense what is there
At the core of the being
At the center of knowing
At the middle of seeing
To strip away pretense
And step into wellbeing
May we sense what is there

To be what is there
To become our potential
To rip up the contracts
To shatter credential
To live into what
Is truly essential
May we be what is there

May 2020 bring clarity, truth, and trust to you and yours, all year long. 


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