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Answering The Call for Veterans

The Plenty Team
May 29, 2018

Wounded Warrior Project Launches Its Next Success 

WWP Carry Forward

We proudly announce Carry Forward, a new peer-to-peer movement from Wounded Warrior Project taking place in three cities this fall. This team-based fitness challenge truly captures the unique spirit of Wounded Warrior Project, asking participants to carry a flag, a weight, or even one another other to symbolize how veterans have carried us. 

We're proud to have been intimately involved with blending the essence of WWP's brand with an event that captures the trends towards fun fitness, authentic engagement, meaning, and community. We've been engaged with WWP for eighteen months guiding their long-term strategic planning, leading their event concepting, and facilitating their team and agencies to alignment. 

The centerpiece of this engagement was Plenty's Meridian process, a three-month strategic planning and alignment engagement including a four-day retreat at HeartSpace, in Park City, Utah. The outcomes of Meridian formed a coherent plan that informed the innovation design phase, called Morpheus. The result of Morpheus, after a lot of ideation and collaboration, was Carry Forward. 

One of the best things about Plenty is that we get to work with amazing idealists who trust us to help bring their visions to life. We are so grateful to these incredible leaders including, Gary Coreless, Brea Kratzert, Tara Lee, Isla O'Donnell, Katrina McGhee, and the entire WWP squad. 

Plenty’s squad will turn out for Carry Forward in one of the event’s three cities – San Diego, Nashville, or Jacksonville. To learn more about forming your own squad to support wounded warriors, check out the Carry Forward website at We’ll see you there!

Let's create something transformative. 

To find more about how Plenty's Meridian and Morpheus services can help you create something transformative, visit:


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