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Birthday Thanks

Jeff Shuck
November 27, 2018

Today's is Plenty's birthday.

When we founded the company five years ago, we were intent on finding a name that could simply yet vividly represent our highest hopes and dreams. We tried on names for a good while before we opened, hoping to find the right branding clothes to fit us.

Some candidates were pretty tactical – I think "Applied Inspiration" was in the running for a thankfully short while. Others were so metaphorical as to give only the vaguest hint at what we imagined we'd do; Plenty was almost "Poplar" instead.

But like all wonderful strokes of inspiration, when the brand landed, it landed with complete and resounding certainty: Let's be Plenty. Let's unlock abundance, for everyone.

The five years since have been abundant in every way, far more so than we ever imagined. They have been full of wonderful engagements, incredible clients, fantastic colleagues, and an impressive amount of social impact. There have been incredible moments and tough moments, and I'm tempted to write, "we've grown at times and contracted at others."

But that isn't true: We've grown throughout it all. The more experienced – and yes, the older – I get, the more I'm able to see that there truly is abundance all around. It doesn't always look the way I think it will, but it always offers so much more than I can imagine. Some of the experiences that seemed the most difficult at the time have turned out to be the ones I'm most thankful for.

Through it all, the core idea of Plenty has become even more compelling to us: that there's enough – enough resources, enough support, enough leadership, enough love – all around us, and all within us. We see and feel it every day in the faces and hearts of wonderful people like you. There's more to do in this world, that's for certain. But we all have what we need to make it the world we want it to be.

Thank you for this birthday. We are so grateful for you. The best is yet to come!



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