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Connecting Conscious Leadership & Purpose Driven Strategy

Jennifer Mulholland & Jeff Shuck
June 22, 2022

The two themes of conscious leadership and purpose-driven strategy are well-connected in our minds and work. Conscious leaders create and yearn to work in purpose-driven organizations. Purpose-driven organizations help build and cultivate conscious leaders. That’s the reciprocity cycle that helps create a world of plenty for everyone.

As we become more aware of ourselves and others, aligned to who we are and where we are, and more intentional about our choices, we grow into conscious leadership. We seek out purpose in our work and actions. When we do so, our consciousness expands and elevates and takes us further into our purpose for being. As we bring others into that virtuous cycle, a world of abundance emerges where we will feel more whole and complete in who we are,  why we are here, and how we can serve.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 10.40.46 AMAt Plenty, we serve conscious people who are ready to lead intentionally and by so doing, create purpose with and for their work.

When we equip business leaders who already have capital and an economic engine with more awareness, alignment, and intention, transformation is possible. They use their resources for good. And likewise, when we equip conscious people with leadership skills and the access to the same capital and economic tools, transformation is possible. Expansion of revenue, impact, and fulfillment results.

At Plenty, we are here to guide, inspire, and support conscious leaders who are ready to see their own worth, align to their unique cares and creations, and experience more abundance for themselves and everyone here on earth.

If this is you, we'd love to meet you, work with you, and witness your growth. 

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We'd love to help you actualize it! Take a moment and answer the calling. Let's unlock this transformation together.

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